Grist List


Can you have kids and still be a good person?

The latest episode of "The Adaptors" looks into a question that most people think about but few like to talk about.

Climate & Energy

Africans are pretty concerned about this climate change mess we made

Forget ISIS and economic stability. Folks from Burkina Faso to Kenya are more worried about global warming.


Big Organic farming isn’t as clean as we may have thought

Good news: There’s still hope for truly sustainable farming.


It’s been a big week for yogurt news

NPR appears to be doing the Lord's work and bringing us all the yogurt news we need to make it through the day.

A Peck of Pizzas

Nick Offerman eats pizza from trees in this sadlaugh of a video

Want to know where your kids' cafeteria lunches are coming from? Luckily for you, Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) is on the case.

just give it a shot

Agave, the plant that gets you drunk off tequila, could also help drought-proof our food system

Scientists want to teach other plants to be as water-thrifty as the nifty agave plant.


Gloomy alleyways are getting a much-needed makeover

Seattle activists are turning dingy alleys into cool hangouts.


This video game will make you care about crumbling urban infrastructure

What could be scarier than playing a structural engineer facing down collapsing bridges and backed-up sewers?


This beautiful video of plankton eating plastic is also a little disturbing

Plastic really is everywhere.