Grist List

This origami kayak folds to the size of a suitcase

I want one, and, for just $800 on Kickstarter, I can have one.


Former ‘Miss Subways’ beauty queens unite for Sandy relief

They're no longer young, but they're still proud New Yorkers.

‘Bike taxidermy’ makes for the most eco-friendly hunting trophies ever

All the cool of taxidermy; no dead animals involved.

Ecuador’s dropping 22 tons of poison on the Galapagos to kill 180 million rats

The rats first came to the islands in the 1600s, aboard ships from far away, and on a steady diet of eggs and baby tortoises, lizards, snakes and now-endangered birds species, they multiplied.

Business & Technology

They’ve made a car for women, and, surprise, it’s pink

Other than that -- just a car. It doesn't even have glittery exhaust.

Awesome Scottish guy dresses up as giraffe and does righteous stuff

A Scottish dude dresses up as a giraffe and does nice stuff for people. It sounds weird, but it also sounds kind of like a nice way to spend your time.

This octopus is so tiny that it snuck into the aquarium undetected

He lived there for nearly a year, secretly snacking on the aquarium's crabs, before being discovered.

People obsessed with proving yetis exist find yeti fur in a cave

Whatever. We'll believe it when we see a real yeti.

This beekeeping donkey has his own beekeeper suit

Manuel Juraci is an unusually successful beekeeper because he has a donkey in a beekeeper suit.