Grist List

Beautiful video asks: Why don’t we have more protection for our environmental rights?

Canada's squandering its reputation as a nice, progressive place to live by letting the oil industry mine oil sands.


Antibiotic resistance can be spread via cow urine

Oh, that's all we needed: a new, grosser way for dosed-up livestock to spread antibiotic resistance.

Giant flamingo orgy will soon take place in Africa

Conditions are right in an alkaline lake in Tanzania for flamingos to have a big breeding season. We are rooting for them.


World’s first 3D-printing photo booth produces a tiny model of you

Why get a boring two-dimensional photo taken, when you can print out a tiny perfect figurine for only $264?

Scientists can use satellites to track how much raw sewage Sandy deposited in our waterways

Satellites are letting scientists know what happened to all the sewage from Hurricane Sandy. Which we need to know about, even though it's uh, crappy news.

Climate & Energy

Canadian oil-sands driller aims to make nice with a stupid video game

Canadian oil-sands miner Syncrude has a little PR problem. So they made a video game where a buffalo tells everyone what a cool company they are.


The Dutch may actually have TOO MANY bikes

The number of cyclists the country has created has outstripped the capacity of its infrastructure.

Climate & Energy

99 red balloons can power 4,500 homes

This wins for most charming solar concept based on a one-hit wonder from the ‘80s, and maybe most charming solar concept ever.

Farm runoff leads to a rise in eight-legged frogs

The mutations are the work of a parasite -- the flatworm Ribeiroia ondatrae.