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Soon we’ll be able to grow leather in a test tube

By the end of the year, scientists will have grown a piece of leather .787 inches by .787 inches in size, without killing an animal. That is the goal of a company called Modern Meadow, Fast Company reports, and its lab-grown leather could one day be even better than the dead-animal hides that we still wear around even though (or, really, because) polyester exists in the world. The company is interested in creating lab-grown leather that’s identical to the “real” thing, but also in improving upon what already exists. “At this point, the goal is to create products that are …


How to prepare yourself for the Baconpocalypse

An industry trade group says that "a world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable” due to the summer’s crazy weather.

360,000 bees are staying at the Waldorf Astoria

There are bees living at the Waldorf Astoria, which is really cute, in a way, since they make honey, and really gross when you think about how a bee farm is just a creepy way for a hotel to pretend it is anything but part of a huge, gross, corporation.

This insane guy stood right next to a gigantic, beautiful waterfall of lava

He did this ON PURPOSE.

Business & Technology

This bike just might go 100 miles per hour

When he rides his new bike, Graeme Obree must look like a man who's been abducted by aliens and is struggling to get out of the weird, clear pod in which they've stored him.


Meat map shows you how to avoid antibiotics

For those people not interested in eating meat laced with chemicals and antibiotics, there is now a crowd-sourced map that lets you know where to get antibiotic-free meat.


After three days of water rationing, an entire city flushes its toilets at the same time

It was called the Big Flush.

Now you can download and print an entire house

A London-based design team has come up with DIY designs for “WikiHouses,” which let would-be home constructors download plans and “print” the components themselves rather than buying them in a factory. In practice, I am pretty sure I couldn’t build a house even if all the parts were made for me. But in theory, this looks really cool! The WikiHouse software, which is free, produces the CNC (computer numerical control) code to print all of the home’s components out of wood. Users can take the codes to a CNC workshop if they don’t have an appropriate machine (which they probably …

Here’s a nice story about a cute baby endangered sea turtle getting rescued

Cute turtle rehabbed by nice people at Florida's Marine Science Center is nurtured, returned to the wild.

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