Grist List

A boat on the train tracks, and other transportation effects from Sandy

Some pictures of Sandy's impact on the region's transportation, plus resources for finding out when you'll be able to use buses and trains again.

Your car might be made out of recycled beans, pants, and money

Garbage is bad. Oil spills are bad. But when you can use them to make cars, they become kinda useful.

Oysters could have helped save New York from Sandy

They're basically the coral reefs of the Northeast.

Business & Technology

The Netherlands is getting a glow-in-the-dark highway

This is the Netherlands, which means it’s only a matter of time before they put this technology to work in bike lanes, too.

The most stunning images from monster storm Sandy

Well, that was a hell of a storm. Here's what it looked like up close.

Here is a toilet that’s good at soccer

Never at a loss to create something totally weird, two Japanese companies have built a goalkeeping toilet. And it's supposed to be green somehow.

Dude in horse mask is like ‘screw you, Hurricane Sandy’

Oh great, now the storm is spawning reverse centaurs.

These college students figured out how to turn plastic bottles into water-conserving technology

They won a $100,000 prize for their plan to turn plastic bottles into toilets and rainwater harvesting containers.

Leopard seals will eat you, even if you are very, very tiny

Congratulations, leopard seal: you are the scariest seal. Not like competition was stiff or anything.