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Ingredient-delivery services let you make ‘home-cooked’ food without picking up a knife

For those who crave a home-cooked meal but find the process of making food entirely from scratch … unnecessary, new services are springing up to combine the benefits of delivery and home-cooking, all in one neatly tied package. In D.C., for instance: The food comes wrapped in a box with twine, and each ingredient has its own container: A salad of grape tomatoes, red onion, and organic blue cheese are already mixed together with balsamic and olive oil on the side. The raw flank steak is cut and marinated in a plastic Ziploc bag. The potatoes come whole with a …

Why yes, this IS a music video about climate change featuring Bill Nye and Isaac Asimov

The song features Bill Nye dropping some science, with guest vocalists Isaac Asimov, scientist Richard Alley, and David Attenborough.

Male killer whales need their mommies to survive

Girl humans tend to go all gooey when a guy loves his mama — like tipping well, it’s an indicator of good boyfriend material. Girl orcas, though, might just sneer and say “oh, of course you’re nice to your mom. You’re just trying to not die.” A new long-term study of about 600 orcas showed that orcas are the ultimate mama’s boys — when male orcas’ mothers die, their own chances of survival drop sharply. ScienceNow explains: Young males were three times more likely to die the year after their mother’s death than were males whose mothers were still around. …