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Here’s a nice story about a cute baby endangered sea turtle getting rescued

Cute turtle rehabbed by nice people at Florida's Marine Science Center is nurtured, returned to the wild.


Gorgeously painted manhole covers add beauty to city streets in Japan

Sometimes, the difference between a pleasant, livable city and a stressful one comes down to the details, things you might barely even notice but that influence you almost subconsciously. Municipalities in Japan have gotten at least one of these details down pat, by putting intricate and beautiful decorations in one of the city’s most forgotten places: the lowly manhole cover.

If you’ve got $206,500, you can bid on a piece of the moon

Haven’t you always wanted to own a piece of the moon that you could do whatever you wanted with — write your name on it, claim it in the name of Spain, tape it together with other space rocks to build a less fucked-up planet, etc.? Well, for only $170,000, plus a $36,500 “buyer’s premium,” you have a crack at owning the fourth-largest moon rock ever put up for sale. Keep your finger on the “bid” button, though, because they’re expecting it to sell for more than $380,000.

Mysterious ocean ‘crop circles’ are actually built by fish

These structures look like the print of a massive octopus wearing fashionable shoes, but they're actually pufferfish sex palaces.

Charbroiled burgers create more air pollution than diesel trucks

A new study finds that trucks would have to drive 143 miles to produce as much pollution as one charbroiled burger.

Business & Technology

Bike-powered e-waste recycler could keep your electronics from murdering the planet

It's basically a grinder, attached to a bike.


Robots, plants team up to make humans fall flat on their faces

By making plants mobile, you make them the natural enemies of a) humans and b) cats


Important study: People eat fattening foods when they know they’re gonna die anyway

I bet you’ve been going around thinking that death row prisoners choosing their last meals usually make do with a salad and a stick of sugarless gum. Well, science is here to rescue you, poor benighted soul, with a definitive study finding: People prefer final meals with a lot of calories. The researchers analyzed the gustatory choices of 247 prisoners who were executed between 2002 and 2006. They found that the average Death Row meal was 2,750 calories — i.e., an entire day’s worth of food — although they just threw out people whose last meals were under 200 calories …

Baby elephant is as cute as its name is unpronounceable

This new baby elephant is cute as hell, and its name contains a letter that doesn't exist in English or probably any of the other languages you know.

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