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These beautiful, sobering murals are made entirely out of sugar

A Canadian artist uses sugar to make art depicting the slave trade and its relationship to the sugar industry in the Americas. Pretty sweet.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is checking on people’s families, hosting sleepovers, and generally being amazing

In the aftermath of Sandy, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is dispensing supplies, offering supportive words, and even letting folks crash at his house. Meet your new political crush.

Business & Technology

Car geeks say the all-electric Tesla is the best car

It's official: EVs are awesome and everyone knows it.


After Sandy, food trucks aren’t just a novelty anymore

In a New York no-power zone, food trucks are providing hot meals, free coffee, and charging stations.


Malaysia is planning an eco-city as big as Luxembourg

If this thing gets built, Grist HQ will have to relocate there on principle.

Lobster in costume found on Halloween

A half-black half-orange lobster was found in Massachusetts on Halloween.


A walnut thief is on the loose with millions of innocent walnuts

Some guy posed as a walnut delivery driver and stole a buttload of walnuts. He's 6'2" and he has a Russian accent. Be on the lookout.

Beautiful portraits from Humans of New York document life after the storm

We've shown you the dark buildings and waterlogged cars. But for portraits of people, nobody can touch Humans of New York's Brandon Stanton.

Say hello to nine new species of tarantula! And now say goodbye.

Researchers have discovered nine new types of tarantula in Brazil. But don't get too attached, because basically all of them are either threatened or endangered.