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Baby elephant is as cute as its name is unpronounceable

This new baby elephant is cute as hell, and its name contains a letter that doesn't exist in English or probably any of the other languages you know.


This guy runs the Fight Club of libraries outside his front door

For more than a decade, Hernando Guanlao, of Manila, has run the Fight Club of reading out of his home library. The BBC reports: The idea is simple. Readers can take as many books as they want, for as long as they want — even permanently. As Guanlao says: “The only rule is that there are no rules.” He started with 100 books, which he stuck outside his door with an open invitation to borrow. Now he has more than 2,000 or so books. People certainly must keep one they like or forget to bring them back. But they also …

Climate change T-shirt is (almost) the star of London’s fashion week

Fashion Icon Vivienne Westwood vamps it up DIY style at London's fashion week. Does she care? Or is she just being mad trendy?


If you are good at running, it can be faster than taking the subway

Still, we are going to vote for keeping the subway.

Russia has secret diamond reserves worth one quadrillion dollars

Russia discovers diamonds, keeps them a secret, then finally tells everyone what great diamonds these are.

This is the most beautiful snow art we’ve ever seen

Simon Beck walks around for days to create his fractal snow patterns, and they are astonishing.

This is the world’s first liliger, and yes, it is magical

Kiara, born at a zoo in Siberia, is half lion and half half lion half tiger. It makes sense, honest. (Well, as much sense as lions and tigers having sex.)


Here is the future: GIGANTIC cities with HUGE skyscrapers

We at Grist List have taken out the crystal ball that our aunt gave us in third grade and found that it actually sees into the future. And we are here to tell you: The future is pretty intense. Because cities are giant. And skyscrapers are HUGE. Actually, our crystal ball is called Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in which Yale professor Karen Seto just published a study about the future of cities. Bryan Walsh reports at Time: Seto and her co-authors calculate that between now and 2030, urban areas will expand by more than 463,000 sq. mi. …


The world’s largest vertical garden is as long as a city block

At 13,595 square feet, the world's largest vertical garden is definitely bigger than your piddly window box -- think more like “hotel ballroom.”

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