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Grist List: Look what we found.


9-year-old’s lunch blog gets banned by politicians, then unbanned by internet outrage

Remember Martha Payne, the Scottish 9-year-old whose blog documenting her pathetic school lunches shamed local pols into allowing kids unlimited fruits and vegetables? Well, they decided they weren't going to be pushed around by a little girl anymore, and sent word that she was no longer allowed to take photographs of her food.

What they didn't count on was being pushed around by a little girl and her legions of internet fans, including Jamie Oliver. So now the council is photographing its words, then eating them. Martha's blog, Never Seconds, lives on.

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Twin baby polar bears celebrate their 100-day birthday

Photo by Xinhua.

These polar bear cubs, born and raised at Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park in China, were so tiny and frail at birth that they weren't expected to survive. Keepers whisked them into an incubator, and have been caring for them around the clock since then. But at 100 days old, the babies are now healthy and playful and super, SUPER cute.

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Takeout restaurant delivers dirty dishes so you can pretend you cooked

Photo by Cinnamon Cooper.

If you provided food for your dinner party by slaving over a hot phone all day, nobody need ever know -- as long as you're in the U.K., and within delivery range of Housebites. The company charges the equivalent of about 8 bucks to deliver dirty dishes and cooking utensils along with your food, so that you can stage realistic-looking kitchen carnage and convince your guests you're a devoted chef.

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Biologists coax amazingly cute tiny rabbits back from the brink of disappearance

In Urban Dictionary, the fourth definition of "cute" is "pygmy rabbit." Or actually, it’s probably some gross made-up sex act, but it SHOULD be “pygmy rabbit.” Just look at this thing!

It fits into the palm of a human hand!

But it has also been disappearing from its habitat in Washington State. Coyotes, badgers, weasels, and big bad birds chow down on these little suckers, because they are small, vulnerable, and (we're assuming) delicious.

Despite the best attempts of scientists to prompt the rabbits to breed in captivity, the bunnies were just not doing their bunny thing. So instead, the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife is breeding them in their natural habitat. The scientists pen in a few acres, keep the bad coyotes out, and let the bunnies in.

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Dress shirt uses spacesuit technology to keep you dry on your bike commute

You know how you don't bike to work because you get hot and sweaty and gross? A group of MIT graduates has stolen that excuse. They copied technology from spacesuits and used it to make what BikeBlogNYC has rightly dubbed "the TANG of dress shirts" -- a sharp-looking top that regulates your body heat. No sweaty pit spots! No overheating before your meeting! Now helmet up.

The shirt's called the Apollo shirt, because it's space technology and presumably also makes you look like a Greek god. The creators, whose company is called the Ministry of Supply, say that it pulls heat away from your body and stores it "like a battery" -- when you get into your badly climate controlled office, you get that heat back to battle the A/C. (Although you, Grist reader, of course work in an office that properly manages its temperature in a sustainable way.) Also there are vents for airflow, and we're going to give the Ministry of Supply bonus points for creating a wrinkle-free shirt without formaldehyde.


What San Francisco would look like after a 200-foot sea-level rise

This poster, by Brian Stokle and Burrito Justice, shows what a 200-foot sea level rise would do to San Francisco. Better get to high ground, guys.

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Giraffe invades country club pool

Get out of there, giraffe! You are not Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps! You are a giraffe!

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Quite possibly the best bike-for-sale ad ever

A dude in St. Louis SAN LUIS OBISPO is giving up on his hipster dreams, and therefore on his fixie. Result: one of the funnier bike-for-sale Craigslist ads we've seen.

I tried so hard. I dated a girl from Portland. I criticized cheese. I applied the term artisanal to every inanimate object that went in or on my body. I burned and singed my forearms just to make it look like I was going to culinary school. I grew Carol Brady hair. I got itchy from the finest flannel and I cut off circulation from the waist down with jeans that made my ass look like an elevator button.

... And I rode a fixie.

No more. It's all gotta go. The hair, the macrame, the texting overages, the Netflix and Hulu Plus. The record collection (have you ever tried to box up and move an effin stack of LPs?!) ... and the bike.

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Canadian high-schooler makes her own graduation dress out of old homework

Kara Koskowich is going to take the world by storm. Girlfriend just graduated from high school in Canada, and instead of shelling out for a fancy graduation dress, she decided to reuse old homework and post-it notes to make one herself:

The dress took almost 75 pieces of paper to make, Koskowich said. She started back in March but, in true teenage style, finished it the night before she needed to wear it. She also broke her sewing machine in the process of putting it together and had to hand stitch the last bits.


Twitter founders are investing in vegan meat

This actually did not come from a chicken. (Photo courtesy of Beyond Meat.)

Twitter cofounders Evan Williams and Biz Stone have some proven expertise in determining the next big thing. So it's notable that they're investing in a vegan meat company called Beyond Meat, whose products are said to be the most freakily convincing fake meat yet. Sure, maybe you think you don't WANT a better fake meat, but you probably thought you didn't want a social network that let you transmit 140-character bon mots, either.

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