Grist List


N.Y.C. could solve congestion with a halo-like sky walkway

It's a little bit dreamy.

Construction of school building halted by newts

You can't build a school on an endangered newt habitat, so, uh ... everyone go home, I guess!

Bite your nails, then cry like an infant as conservationists rescue a baby elephant from a well

Clear your schedule. This one is going to keep you and your feelings busy for a while.

Entirely vegetarian cheeseburger is made out of leaves

Technically it's not edible. But it's really pretty!


They’re giving away free trees to plant in Philly!

Two per household. And you have to own the house, and plant it on your property, not the sidewalk. Those are the rules. Go for it.

Stopping the next great extinction could cost just $11.42 per person per year

This is according to a new study in Science, which estimates that it would cost $80 billion per year to stop extinction.

Devoted under-consumer feeds her friends a meal made of trash

A woman on the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates gave her friends a dinner picked from the trash. Uh ... check please?


Giant monster sushi is as big as your head

These are not "sustainable food," to say the least.

This video of a rude emu will make you pee yourself in terror/hilarity

Birds are basically dinosaurs, which can seem pretty cool, until one of them is sticking its head in your crotch looking for treats.