Grist List

Business & Technology is turning plastic water bottles into pants, other stuff

The musician's company Ekocycle is partnering with companies like Levi Strauss to turn plastic bottles into useful items.


GOP candidate: ‘My opponent believes in global warming and has been to other countries, he is basically a monster’

This could be the strangest campaign ad this season.

Climate & Energy

Planes can’t land in Antarctica because the runway is melting

Australia's supply planes mainly use one runway, carved into the ice, for takeoff and landing.

Baby echidna may be cutest, weirdest baby animal ever

Echidnas are spiny mammals that live in Australia and are like the weird cousins of duck-billed platypuses.


The newest gourmet coffee is made out of elephant poop

You can pay $50 for the privilege of drinking coffee made from beans that an elephant shit out. Or you could just buy yourself a pair of pants.

Business & Technology

Liquid metal battery inventor goes on Colbert, still manages to teach us some stuff

Donald Sadoway, MIT materials science professor and inventor of a new liquid metal battery that could revolutionize energy storage, went on Stephen Colbert’s show last night. The segment wasn’t all that funny, per se, but …

Lady Gaga is going to launch a brand of bottled water

Seems like someone who says she cares about the world and who is not a total moron might want to do something else with her time.

This light switch forces kids to save energy through emotional manipulation

This dimmer switch smiles when the lights are off and frowns when they're on.

Dutch towns could heat their bike lanes during the winter

As usual, the Dutch have it all figured out.