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Tiny bugs are pooping in your face

You know what? We changed our mind. Stop saving the planet and BURN IT. Because we don’t want to live in a world where rosacea is caused by the feces-bloated torsos of mites that live inside your pores. Sadly, that’s exactly the world we live in, as researchers from the National University of Ireland have discovered. Rosacea, a disease that causes reddened, rough, swollen skin in the face, is a particular problem for the fair-skinned Irish. So it made sense for Irish researchers to investigate its cause, but now they probably wish they hadn’t — because the answer is “the …

8-year-old gets rich off whale vomit and decides to open an animal shelter

Charlie Naysmith is the sort of kid who, when he unexpectedly finds a rock-like substance worth tens of thousands of dollars, donates it all to help animals.


Wondering which condoms to buy? Science has the answer

Debby Herbenick knows how you feel about condoms. You know you need them, but you just want to go into the drugstore, get them, and get the hell out of there. (This is basically why they invented those self-service checkout things: As embarrassing as it is to buy condoms, imagine being the person on the other end of the transaction, thinking, “God, even this person is getting some?”) Herbenick thinks about condoms so you don’t have to, and she knows exactly which condom you should buy: Through scientific research that I conduct with my team at Indiana University about condoms, …

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