Grist List


This is possibly the most tear-jerking anti-factory farming video ever

This video about factory farming from Animals Australia is A BLOO-HOO-HOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO *sniff*

Hamster held overnight after drunk driving arrest

A woman in Oregon got a DUI while she had a hamster in her lap. The hamster spent the night in protective custody.

Sting refuses to play at tree-killing concert venue

A mall/arena in the Philippines was going to kill 182 trees. So tree lover Sting said, OK, I'm not playing there.

The air in Italian cities has a lot of drugs in it

Not enough to get you high, but, you know, at least you're in Italy. Don't get greedy.

Business & Technology

Your pants can now suck pollution right out of the air

A laundry additive can turn your jeans into nitrogen-eating superjeans, according to its creators.

New York is rehabilitating criminals using bees

Prisoners are being taught the basics of beekeeping. The idea being, one supposes, that after they get out of jail they will start selling honey instead of drugs.

Is this beluga really trying to talk like people?

This definitely sounds more like human speech than whalesong! Though it sounds more like a vuvuzela solo than either.


These chairs are eco-friendly but they look like crystallized barf

! great object lesson in why conscientiousness alone is not enough to change people’s habits.


Despite student protests, college plans to serve beloved oxen as dinner

Lou and Bill lived a good life at Green Mountain College, one of the more green-minded campuses in America.