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Grist List: Look what we found.


Critical List: Mexico City’s pollution-busting vertical gardens; tiny kitchens

Mexico City is building huge vertical gardens to help scrub the city's air of pollution.

In New York City, compost at the giganto Fresh Kills landfill went up in flames, leading to a five-alarm fire.

Oil prices are high enough that energy companies are drilling in the Gulf of Mexico's shallow waters, an area once considered tapped out.

A new study says that, on carbon emissions, natural gas does beat coal as a source of electricity -- even when methane leaks are accounted for. But as a fuel for vehicles, natural gas produces only questionable carbon benefits.

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XKCD has some amazing facts about oceans for you

Randall Munroe, writer of the web comic XKCD, has put out another one of his dizzyingly meticulous infographics, and this one is about the depths of various bodies of water. No, wait, don't leave, it's actually really cool!

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Dr. Seuss is the reason the bees are dying

Yeah, you heard me: Dr. Seuss killed the bees. No, wait, stay with me here: See, pesticide kills bees, and, says Mother Jones, a lot of the credit for our widespread use of pesticides may go to Mr. Lorax himself.

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10 foods with more ammonia than pink slime

One of the most nausea-inducing qualities of "pink slime" (a.k.a. disinfected leftover beef trimmings, a.k.a. the contents of your fast food hamburger patty) is the fact that it's doused with ammonia. But as it turns out, that's not as uncommon as you might like to think. According to the University of Michigan Risk Science Center, a burger patty made with pink slime contains 0.02 grams of ammonia per 100 grams of meat -- but bleu cheese contains almost seven times as much. 

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Watch a robot make a 3D-printed chair out of old refrigerators

Designer Dirk van der Kooij makes cool, modern-looking plastic furniture out of defunct refrigerators and other plastic waste. The plastic is ground up, then squeezed out like soft serve into a computerized pattern.

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Chart: The mind-boggling rise in Asian coal consumption

You may have heard that all that coal we're not using in the U.S. is going to China. (Thanks, Warren Buffett!) At Wonkblog, Brad Plumer has posted a chart about this that will boggle your mind:

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Young people drive 23 percent less, bike 40 percent more than they used to

"Young people" today -- that's 16- to 34-year-olds, so Grist List qualifies -- drive less than they did 10 years ago. Between 2001 and 2009, the average number of miles that us young'uns spent tooling around in a car dropped by almost 25 percent, from 10,300 miles per capita to 7,900.

That's according to a new study from the Frontier Group, a California-based research group, and U.S. PIRG Education Fund. The report also found that we take 40 percent more transit trips and 24 percent more bike trips. In other words, we rock at shifting transportation preferences.

The reports cites a few reasons for this change, but to me it boils down to two explanations, one of which I buy and one of which I believe not at all. The first one -- the one I buy -- is that young people are choosing to live in cities or dense communities with access to public transportation. Yes, we are! Because those places are awesome to live in.

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Critical List: It’s been really, really warm; polar bears have a weird disease

In the first three months of the year, temperatures were 6 degrees F above average.

In Massachusetts, that’s meant more bears hanging out in people’s backyards.

China's consolidating its rare earth industry.

Polar bears have a weird disease that involves hair loss, oozing sores, and possibly death.

The American Petroleum Institute has spent more on advertising in swing states than most super PACs.

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Climate change could give you rabies

Photo by Michael Hemstra

If rabid environmental activists don't get their way, the rest of us might end up rabid too. This year's drought is leading to a huge jump in rabies rates in stricken states, and climate change will only make it worse.

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Oh my god, hot-dog-stuffed-crust pizza, humans are no longer authorized to make food

Although my job obviously requires me to intermittently make fun of McDonald's, in my real life I actually try not to be elitist and judgmental about the food people choose to eat. However, I think this may have crossed my line. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU WHY IS YOUR PIZZA CRUST HOT DOGS WHY IS YOUR SANDWICH BREAD FRIED CHICKEN WHY CAN'T YOU BE SATISFIED TO EAT ONE FOOD AT A TIME

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