Grist List


These penalty cards let you tell stupid pedestrians exactly how stupid they are

Available for download at the low price of $1 for all 14.

Obscenely rich people can raise obscenely rich chickens in this $100,000 coop

Neiman Marcus is selling a chicken coop. It costs a lot. It will make people think rich people are even more disgusting than they already are, which is pretty disgusting.

NASA satellite discovers Cookie Monster on Mercury

It's a crater shaped like Cookie Monster! Or at least, those are Cookie Monster's eyes, but ... OH MY GOD WHERE IS HIS MOUTH???

Here is a turtle that pees through its mouth

Suddenly being a turtle doesn't sound all that great.


Kellogg’s recalls 3 freakin’ million boxes of Mini Wheats

Man, you try to curb food waste, and then some big company gets metal fragments in three million boxes of cereal and has to throw them away.

Climate & Energy

How fish are fighting climate change by pooping

You see, in the typology of poop, it turns out the fish feces are sinkers.

Giant weird eyeball found on Florida beach

A giant eyeball was found on a beach in Florida. It is so giant and so weird they don't know what creature it belongs to. But they'll find out eventually.

Best (or worst?) bike thief ever returns stolen bike with money for a new lock

With the ten dollars, plus some additional funds, the bike owner bought a U-lock.

Robot sea turtles could help keep the ocean safe and clean

Scientists are developing a mechanical sea turtle that can patrol the oceans.