Grist List

These cool public benches are made out of cars and propane tanks

Artist Colin Selig makes benches for municipal buildings and parks — and, of course, for rich people’s private courtyards, because a guy’s gotta eat — …


Brewmaster makes beer out of yeast harvested from his beard

A brewmaster in Oregon discovers that the yeast in his beard is no different from other yeast. Then he decides to use it to make beer. Then he gives it a gross name? Sadly, if someone handed us a cold one, we would drink it.


Old phone booths get new life as giant public fish tanks

Phone booths are the appendix of the urban landscape — useless and occasionally full of junk. So what better way to rehabilitate them than to …


FYI, there are weird human bushes in Central Park today

Humanoid bushes are jumping up and scaring the piss out of people in New York.

Chanel runway show uses wind turbines as fashion accessories

Chanel's spring fashion show takes place in a field of wind turbines. Eco-chic has definitely arrived. Will it do anything to change the world?


Jay-Z took the subway, so now nobody can say it’s not cool

Jay-Z condescended to take the subway from Canal Street to Atlantic Ave for the last of a series of concerts at the Barclays Center.

Long Island unlikely home to five alligators

Five alligators have been found on Long Island. They're probably wishing they were somewhere warmer, and with less traffic and hair spray.


PSA: Drinking liquid nitrogen is a bad idea

“Duh,” you say? Tell that to a British teen who just had to have her stomach removed.

‘Talking tree’ constantly posts about its lunch on Facebook

This tree is wired with sensors so it can tweet about rain, noise levels, and air quality. Yeah, it's boring, but how many trees can tweet?