Grist List

Nearby ‘super-Earth’ planet is made of diamonds

Exoplanet 55 Cancri e is too hot to live on, but other than that it's the sweetest planet ever. It's eight times the mass of Earth and at least a third of that is diamond.

Hungry guy tries to set squirrel on fire, ends up torching apartment building

Guy tries to cook squirrel with propane torch; squirrel lights his whole building on fire. Seems more than fair.

Sea otter that survived the Exxon Valdez spill dies at 23

She was the second to last otter survivor of the Exxon Valdez spill.

This guy is so good at recycling he can turn trash into masterpieces

Bernard Pras, a French artist, uses discarded materials to recreate iconic images.

Gorgeous, crazy-fast Australian train would go over 500 miles in two hours

Australia has plans to make a new really fast train. It's also really sexy. We wonder if we could get Paul Hogan to make out with us on it.


Rachael Ray is opening a food truck for dogs

To comment on this breaking news, we have brought in our Dog Food Correspondent, Lucy Bump.

Awesome art installation lets you control the weather

The "Rain Room," on display at the Barbican, is a torrential downpour you can walk through without getting wet.


Sarah Palin is going to tell us how to eat like her

Sarah Palin is writing a diet book. It's about how her family eats lots of crap and manages to stay thin. We want one about how they are trashy and manage to stay famous.

Animals are just as depressed as you are

Why are animals depressed when they can't have any idea that their lives suck? No one knows. They just are.