Grist List

Yet another reason birds are weird: They like to bathe in ants

For you, that might be a flashback to an acid trip. For birds, it’s … well, it almost definitely feels good.

Is your jack-o’-lantern too interesting? Try these stencils from the Department of Energy

The Department of Energy has templates for a bumper crop of fun, hilarious jack-o'-lanterns: solar panels, wind turbines, and CFL bulbs.


London wants its own High Line, but underground and with more fungus

The winner of London's search for a High Line analogue is a tunnel full of mushrooms.

Make your clothes more delicious with buttons made of recycled food

British designer Hoyan Ip wants you to trim your clothes with food-based embellishments that look like a Fruit Roll-Up someone already ate.

Business & Technology

Amazon starts up site for green products, does not claim it will solve the world’s problems

When we're going to buy stuff, we want it to be as planet- and human-friendly as possible. But we don't want to be told to pat ourselves on the back just because we bought something …

Meet New York Aquarium’s adorable new rescued baby walrus

Baby walrus Mitik is moving to New York, where he'll fit right in, because he has a mustache and likes to head-butt things.

School cook in Sweden told to make her food less delicious

When you were growing up and you ate your school lunch of disgusting gristle-filled burgers and rubbery pizza and creamed chipped beef, did you ever think that one day there might be a school somewhere …

Texas city moves 100-year-old tree rather than cut it down

When road construction threatened this 100-year-old, 260-ton oak, League City, Texas stepped up and moved it.

Two Australians will be given a home and bathrobes and forced to get everything else secondhand

Two random people are being told to buy nothing new for a week. We think they'll live, but they might end up in ugly T-shirts and mom jeans.