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Awesome commercial shows you how to harness a rude giant’s antisocial tendencies

This power company ad is the most charming and poignant commercial for renewables we've ever seen.


Stuck in traffic, cancer surgeon commandeers little girl’s bike to get to the hospital

The surgeon borrowed an 8-year-old's pink Schwinn and Disney princess helmet to make it to the operating table in time.


World’s biggest bus is 98 feet long and can fit 256 passengers

This monster of public transportation is actually three buses chained together into a sort of Vehicular Centipede. It’s nearly 100 feet long, fits 256 passengers, and — if you believe the institute that developed it — is no harder to drive than a regular 40-footer. So basically, it’s a subway train minus the complicated underground infrastructure. Even better, Buszilla is a hybrid that can go up to five miles on battery power alone. 

Climate & Energy

20-foot radioactive ant will make you pretty concerned about nuclear power

Nuclear power didn’t make this radioactive ant — art did. But the 20-foot insect, which is made out of beads of uranium glass, is not just a terrifying work of art, but a commentary on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown. The ant is part of an installation called “What The Birds Knew,” by artists Ken and Julia Yonetani.


A single sticker turns your bus commute into a monster rampage

All the monster sticker needs is a window on a moving tram or bus. The goal: Move your head so that the monster eats the heads of people (or dogs) that you pass.

Threatened sea lions are being killed off to save threatened fish

This is a pretty complicated Sophie’s Choice-esque eco-problem brewing in the Columbia River at the base of the Bonneville Dam, in the Pacific Northwest. California sea lions are protected. But they eat Chinook salmon and steelhead, which are also protected. So, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has given the states of Washington and Oregon permission to kill the sea lions. Which is really sad, especially when you look at the picture of the thing and it’s so darn cute. 


Cinnabon pizzas exist, and these guys ate one

As long as we’re having hot dog pizzas and cheeseburger pizzas, why not put pizza on everything? Why not go mad? We could have pizza coffee and pizza ice cream and pizza s’mores and pizza Cinnabons! Ha ha ha ha ha oh wait that last one actually exists. Cinnabon is only rolling out these personal pan atrocities in its Atlanta test market, so the A.V. Club suckered two iron-stomached Georgia natives into scarfing some down on behalf of those of us who cannot (and don’t want to).

Climate & Energy

This beautiful image is actually 150 years of hurricane data

John Nelson, the guy who brought you the gorgeous maps of wildfire and tornado data, has really outdone himself this time. This is more than 150 years of hurricanes, presented in an unusual orientation (Antarctica is at the center of the map), and it is downright stunning.


Snap-together house is easy to assemble, hard to pay for

The good news: Some Danish architects teamed up with some British digital fabrication people to create a 1,250-square-foot house produced in a rapid prototyping machine. (A rapid prototyping machine uses computer modeling to quickly produce scale models of physical parts.) The bad news is, for a house made of Tinkertoy, it cost a bundle to build: $300,000, enough to get you a pretty decent house that would be much harder for a wolf to blow down.

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