Grist List

Watch rescued ducks discover the water for the first time in this heartwarming video

These ducks were rescued from a hoarder, and they'd never even seen a pond. But they take to it like a ... well, you know.

There are seahorses living in New York City

Seahorses aren't as exotic as you think -- some of them live off the coast of Brooklyn, where I assume they have their own subway.

We found Mitt Romney’s birthday present: A bicycle-mounted dog rack

Warning: Not suitable for people who don't know how Photoshop works.

Introducing England’s first building made of garbage

Architect Duncan Baker-Brown believes there's no such thing as waste, but he's somehow still making a building out of it.

We think this kid who licked an entire subway rail should donate himself to science

This is one of the grosser ways you could interact with public transportation. But on the plus side, it could be of use to modern medicine!

Climate & Energy

Bunny named after Hugh Hefner going extinct, Hefner somehow still alive

You'll want to get a good look at this cute-as-a-button Playboy(-related) Bunny.

How we can slow global warming by smashing up an asteroid

Do not worry about global warming. Seriously. We are going to explode asteroids, and then, we're going to hide behind them, and it's going to be GREAT.

Black spidery thingies on Mars will probably kill us all

Every once in awhile, a bit of science crosses your path, and you think, yes, this is how we're all going to die.

This winter’s snowstorms will have names like Draco, Q, and Khan

The Weather Channel wants to name winter storms things like "Gandolf." That's Gandolf with an O, got it? It has NOTHING TO DO with Tolkein.