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Meet the only person who made money off the drought

Renee Haugerud is a farmer's daughter, but she's also the founder of a fancy New York hedge fund. These two attributes have made her basically the only person in the country to have come out ahead from this summer's terrible drought.

Here is a video of a fire tornado, and it is exactly as scary as that sounds

One time I made a joke in a Grist List post about some new horrible form of weather, where I was like “ha ha, what’s …

Study: Men recognize cars, women recognize birds

A Vanderbuilt University Study on gender and observational skills reveals strange facts about what men and women recognize.

This New Zealand river is officially a person

A river in New Zealand now has person hood status -- we're all so relieved, since everyone treats people great.

Epic video shows the migration of hundreds of thousands of hermit crabs

OK, yes, the word “epic” is sorely overused to mean “something that is awesome on an awesomeness continuum that runs roughly from cornflakes to supernovas.” …

Chicago plans to eliminate pedestrian deaths

Walking is good. Getting hit by cars is not. Chicago hopes to increase the former by decreasing chances of the latter.

The prettiest road spill you’ll ever see

Paint spilled all over the highway outside of Manaus, Brazil


This awesome lady scientist explains microorganisms to geeky chefs

There's a friendly lady microbiologist at Harvard named Rachel Dutton who is willing to field chefs' inquiries about their fermented creations.

Business & Technology

These wind turbines were modeled after stegosauri

Generally, gigantic engineering companies don’t truck with whimsy. But Siemens, which makes many of the wind turbines popping up on horizons around the world, has …