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Business & Technology

Internet genius wants you to ride around in a series of 900-mph tubes

PayPal founder Elon Musk is getting sick of waiting around for someone to build a bullet train. So he’s come up with an idea he calls the Hyperloop, a sort of mega-fast Futurama people-tube situation that …


New York is building the world’s largest ferris wheel in Staten Island

The city has decided to give tourists a reason to stay in the borough for longer than the time it takes to catch the next ferry.

Donate $5 to charity and these guys will dance in a bear suit, fix your resume, or walk your dog

Raise5 lets you get the warm fuzzy feeling of donating to charity, PLUS have someone design your business card, draw a picture of your hair, or remind you of good bits from the Simpsons.

Nazis kidnap Buddha statue from spaaaaaace!

There is an iron Buddha statue, just under 10 inches high, that has now been confirmed to be made from a meteorite

Absolutely the best animal photobomb ever

This stingray is all "Hey guys! Are we doing a group photo? Rad! You'll tag me on Facebook, right?"

Business & Technology

Climate change means you’re going to have to ski on snow made out of sewage

In the future, all the ski slopes will be doing what Arizona Snowbowl is doing this season: making snow out of sewage effluent.

Why do you laugh when people fall down? Blame your ape ancestors

We laugh, and apes laugh too, and because we come from apes, we might laugh in ways that they laugh, but because we aren't apes, we laugh in some ways that are different.

100-year-old chestnut tree composes its own concert and light show

A tree in Berlin is the unlikely but cool source of a spontaneous concert.

Google Maps now lets you walk around on the ocean floor

Google Maps and the Catlin Seaview Survey have provided you with panoramic ocean floor vistas, because you didn't want to get any work done anyway, right?