Grist List

Newly discovered owl frowns on your shenanigans

This owl, Ninox Spilocephala, is one of 10 new species of owl just discovered in the Philippines. (Researchers found them using recording equipment that can distinguish subtle distinctions between different species’ hoots.)  More importantly, though, he …

Business & Technology

These floor tiles let you generate energy just by walking around

Great (literal!) strides in renewable energy are being made, by way of an emerging technology called footfall harvesting.

Climate & Energy

Farmers are dealing with corn shortages by feeding cows candy instead

If you worry about the fact that cows eat so much corn, you might be happy to know that cows are now eating expired candy.

Baby octopi look like cartoon characters

Did you have any idea that baby octopi (octopuses? Octopodes? I’ve actually seen a surprising amount of debate about this) were so goshdarn adorable? The top one even has little anime eyelashes!

‘Crash test cow’ video is like a low-budget Mythbusters

Farmers are often injured or even killed when cows crash into gates, which then slam, crush, or pinch any unlucky human standing behind them. So scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization developed a …


This man knows when you’re lying about honey

Did you know that people sell fake honey? They take supermarket honey and try to pass it off as fancy stuff you get for $30 at a farmers market. Is nothing sacred anymore? Luckily they …


Impress all your air-breathing friends with a car that runs on air

Look, down on the ground! It’s an orange mole with no face! It’s a Weeble that says "air" on the side! It’s an M&M with wheels! No, it’s an Airpod -- a car that runs …

Climate & Energy

These are probably the coolest-looking clouds you’ll ever see

Fair warning: Looking at these photos might make you want to be a cloudologist.

Polar bears are dying of zebra herpes

There’s a well-known doctor saying: “When you hear hoofbeats in Central Park, don’t expect zebras.” The idea is that the symptoms you’re looking at probably don’t indicate a super-rare disease, even if you Googled them …