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Grist List: Look what we found.


Government will develop wind energy off the Atlantic coast

The federal government has opted to move forward with wind energy development off the coast of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia, and Virginia's Republican governor for one could not be happier. Sure, the party line might be that alternative energy is stupid -- but when you have the federal government actively hunting down corporate investors for development in your state, it tends to make you pretty optimistic about new technologies.

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Brad Pitt on why cars are stupid

Brad Pitt explained the premise of his film Moneyball to Jon Stewart by way of analogy to gas-guzzling cars. Most of the interview wasn't about green stuff at all (his Celebrity Cause is building houses in New Orleans, which is sort of related but not totally related), but Comedy Central did get a pretty good meme out of this:

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Why Apple should pour money into clean energy

In the last five years, Google has poured more than $700 million into financing for clean energy projects. That's not the kind of thing you do just to burnish your "green" credentials for a credulous public -- it's serious money, deployed with the express aim of diversifying the company's holdings with "businesses that can earn good returns and that aren't correlated to other investments," says Rick Needham, Google's director of green business operations.


Austin gets a super swank zero-energy suburb

How do you build a (nearly) net-zero-energy suburb in 2008, at the nadir of the economic crash, when no bank in the country is convinced you'll be able to sell your more energy-efficient but pricier homes?


Why we should all be drinking toilet water

If you live downstream from another city, you're probably already drinking treated wastewater, reports National Geographic. And engineers want you to drink even more of it -- not because they're sadistic, but because it's perfectly safe, and water is increasingly scarce.

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This guy doesn’t get off his bike for ANYTHING

Listen, anyone can commute on a bike. Only filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet also sleeps, showers, cooks, eats, shops, and dates without getting off his favorite two-wheeled conveyance.

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Man arrested for stealing glaciers

The Jorge Montt Glacier, in the Patagonia region of Chile, is receding faster than any other glacier in the country. This is probably largely because of climate change, but also maybe a little bit because some dude's been stealing it piecemeal

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Compost gets you high

"I'm holding a bowl of dirt up to my nose, in hopes of getting high on the fumes of my backyard compost pile."

That's Pagan Kennedy's lede for an Atlantic story on the mind-bending properties of M. vaccae, a compost-dwelling bacteria. We couldn't really improve on it. But we can condense the dirty details of how to "huff the soil," as she puts it.

The Science: M. vaccae increases serotonin and other happiness-making chemicals — it works like an anti-depressant.

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Critical List: Groundhog says six more winter weeks; zoos need more elephants

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of winter. But that dude has since his shadow more than 100 times; he's only not seen it 16 times. Honestly, getting your weather forecast from a giant rodent is like getting your climate science from a weather forecaster.

Locusts thrive on overgrazed lands.

Accredited zoos will need to have three elephants, if they have any elephants at all.

Spain probably shouldn't have killed its subsidies for renewable energy.

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Newly discovered fungus eats plastic

A group of Yale students, poking around in the jungles of Ecuador, has unearthed a type of fungus that digests otherwise-unkillable plastics

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