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Grist List: Look what we found.


Watch a rabbit herd sheep

Here's an adorable innovation for all you urban farmers out there:


Critical List: Illinois installed the most wind turbines in 2011; Weathercasters aren’t climate scientists

Illinois installed the most new wind turbines in 2011.

In five years, there could be 39 million "micro-hybrids" -- cars that have a battery to increase cars' efficiency, but that aren’t quite as awesome as Priuses or other full hybrids.

Weather forecasters don't understand climate science. Don't believe them when they say climate change doesn't exist!

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This house is so tiny it fits in your pocket

Two hundred square feet? SO last year. The newest tiny house folds up to fit in your pocket.

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Our waste heat warms the atmosphere, too — and it’s getting worse

The warming of our planet is overwhelmingly due to the extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which accounts for an extra 380 terawatts of heat energy. By comparison, the extra warming that's a direct consequence of all the fossil fuels we burn and nuclear power we  produce is tiny -- just 16 TW.


The heat trapped by global warming equals 1 million Hiroshima bombs a day

“The radiative forcing of the CO2 we have already put in the atmosphere in the last century is … the equivalent in energy terms to almost half a billion Hiroshima bombs each year.”


The Muppets take on Fox News

Fox News thinks the Muppets have a bias against oil companies. The Muppets point out they spent the movie DRIVING TO FRANCE IN A CAR (uh, spoiler alert). Also, Miss Piggy does not much care for Murdoch and his enterprises:

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LeBron James bikes to work

I know next to nothing about sports, but I'm told that a) this is LeBron James, b) he is not normally the bikey kind of athlete, and c) he IS the extremely highly paid kind of athlete who probably owns 20 cars and a "this is where the magic happens" room. So it's pretty impressive that a fan caught a photo of him biking to a game.

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This app may help you save gas by driving more efficiently

Most people know that it's possible to save tons of gas and money by driving more efficiently, and most people completely ignore this and just tear-ass around at whatever speed won’t get them maximally arrested. But EcoSpeed, an app forthcoming on iPhone, Android, and so forth, translates energy-saving theory into action you can take in the real world. And it can save you up to 30 percent on fill-ups.

The app creates routes which privilege the best fuel mileage (as opposed to something like Google Maps, which will only give you the shortest or quickest routes). Then it monitors your driving while you're on the road, in order to provide you with the optimal speed to drive and other energy-saving feedback.

EcoSpeed is meant to balance sometimes-competing desires like spending less money on fuel, helping the environment, and getting to a destination on time.


WSJ will publish literally anything, as long as it disputes global warming

Ready for a little peek behind the editorial decision-making curtain at the Wall Street Journal? On Friday, the paper published an op-ed disputing anthropogenic global warming, on the strength of its being signed by 16 scientists. Sixteen, wow, that's a lot! Except that in May 2010, 255 members of the National Academy of Science wrote an op-ed laying out the actual facts about global warming, and the WSJ turned it down. (It was published in Science instead.) Wait, is it possible this isn't about the number of scientists at all??

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Red color in Texas river turns out to be pig blood

Apologies for starting off y'all's Monday mornings on the grossest note possible, but this story was too appalling not to share. In Texas, near Dallas, an amateur drone pilot snapped a pic of a suspiciously red creek. (Weird, we know! But just get past that bit.) The drone pilot decided it was suspicious enough to let the powers-that-be know about it.

The authorities checked the creek out and traced the red color to a meatpacking plant. The red color was raw pig blood. And pig guts, apparently. A pipe was leaking the stuff into the creek.

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