Grist List

ticked off

Ticks are spreading — and so is Lyme disease

Warming temperatures expand the range of ticks, lengthen the season, and increase the chances of one giving you Lyme disease. Shudder.

Jurassic Pork

Nightmare school district serves students old-ass meat

The six-year-old pork roast could've served a term on the Senate. Grossed out yet?


Say g’day to Australia’s awesome new solar plant

Australia combines two of our favorite things: Solar power and wastewater treatment facilities.


This is why we’re still talking about sexism in science

Upon submitting a paper for acceptance to PLOS (Public Library of Science), two female scientists were essentially told: "Needs more dudes."

Little Boxes

Your wildest, tiniest house dreams could come true

SustainaFest is hosting an essay contest with a very pretty, very tiny house as the prize.


Watch Mark Ruffalo get in touch with his feminine side

In film promotion, female stars get a lot of interview questions that can only be described as "truly useless."


Louis C.K. admits his generation is the worst

Louie comes face-to-face with a Young Person who -- surprise, surprise! -- hates baby boomers because of the mess they've left for everyone.


This is exactly why we need more women in tech

Who run the world? Girls ... who make reproductive healthcare video games.


This trippy map shows all of NYC’s street trees

Check out the city's 592,130 street trees, representing 52 species, all at once.