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America’s new poet laureate is the son of migrant farmworkers

Herrera's new designation comes at a time when immigration and farmworker rights are very much hot topics across the country.

Puffin Stuff

Time to awaken your primal desire to hang out with a puffin

The internet has restored puffin-joy (the purest form of joy) to my life and yours!


The Hamburglar and Colonel Sanders are back from the grave to trick you into eating fast food

Fast food restaurants are still trying to capitalize on millennials' nostalgia for the original characters of the industry's golden years.


13 cities that have priced out millenials from buying a home

Hey snake person, want to live in New York City? Or worse, San Francisco? Fuggedaboutit.


California drought’s latest victim? Pro sports

Thanks to record-breaking drought, maintaining healthy turf without wasting loads of water is becoming a major challenge across the Golden State.

Taste of Waste

These cafes are turning garbage into culinary gold

All over England, cafes are starting to source entire meals from grocery-store food waste.


Ever heard of a self-healing building? Just wait

This nifty "bio-concrete" might help buildings stand a little longer.


Al Gore inspired an opera on climate change

The crazy dial gets turned way, way up.


This terrifying new tool tells you how slutty you are

HINT: It's probably less than your parents.