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Critical List: Chevron execs face ‘environmental crime’ charges; even small doses of BPA are dangerous

Everything about Frozen Planet is awesome, except Alec Baldwin’s narration. Chevron execs in Brazil must surrender their passports and face criminal charges for “environmental crimes” connected to oil spills off the country’s coast. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals like bisphenol A and the pesticide atrazine can have significant health effects even for people exposed to only small doses, according to a new study. Mitt Romney wants Obama to fire Steven Chu, Lisa Jackson, and Ken Salazar because as heads of departments (Energy, EPA, and Interior) that have some responsibility for energy, they “are on a mission to drive up the price of gasoline …

Climate & Energy

Heartland Institute tried to steal documents from Greenpeace

Okay, we don’t want to beat a dead horse here — like, say, the way certain organizations kept harping on the Climategate non-scandal — but allow us just one more instance of pointing and laughing at the Heartland Institute’s gross hypocrisy. When we last left our intrepidly two-faced heroes, they were wounded to the core by the fact that climate scientist Peter Gleick had posed as a board member in order to obtain internal documents. Now it turns out the denialist think tank did basically the same thing to Greenpeace.


Graduation caps and gowns made from recycled bottles

Seniors at Michigan Tech will be sporting the finest in recycled-bottle couture at their commencement next month. The school’s graduation caps and gowns just look like the standard Hogwarts-uniform deal, but they’re actually made of recycled water bottles. 


Crocodile incubator saves species from extinction

Don’t look now, but baby crocodiles might be UNEXPECTEDLY ADORABLE. And the best part of this video, from Cuba’s Sabanalamar animal nursery, is that these babies represent new hope for a vulnerable species. Cuban researchers at the nursery are using specially designed incubators to hatch American crocodiles, helping to save the species from extinction.


San Francisco saves gas by making better parking spaces cost more

In San Francisco, a parking place costs more the more people want to use it. This might sound like common sense, but it’s actually a radical experiment in keeping people from circling endlessly, looking for a spot and wasting gas. Since 2010, the pricing for 7,000 metered spaces in the city has changed in real time based on demand. The idea is that raising prices in high-demand areas will send some customers elsewhere or make them park for shorter periods, leaving more free spots and decreasing circling-the-block-looking-for-a-freaking-spot time. The New York Times crunched the city’s data from the program and …


New fashion line creates a year’s worth of outfits with only 10 items of clothing

Many of us try on more than 10 items of clothing in a single morning. Malaysian fashion label “We are ULTRA” wants you to wear only 10 articles throughout the entire year. The label’s new ULTRA 10 line aims to cut back on consumerism and waste by offering up a minimalist wardrobe crafted from sustainable fabrics. ULTRA 10 features 10 items of clothing that can be mixed and matched into an array of outfits intended to last all year. So far, the industry’s critics have embraced its appeal, winning the 2011 Ethical Fashion Forum INNOVATION Award. The 10 piece wardrobe’s …