Grist List

Critical List: House passes drilling bill; turning grass into plastic

The House passed a bill expanding oil drilling in ANWR and oil shale drilling. Revenues are meant to fund the transportation bill, which won’t be considered until after the President’s Day recess. Mexico City shut …


World’s worst elected official makes the case for sprawl

"Well, let me state it unequivocally: I love sprawl," says L. Brooks Patterson, county executive of Oakland County, Mich.


Fair Trade gasoline

You know where your coffee beans come from -- so why not your gasoline? Did your $3.50 a gallon go to prop up our tar-sands-addicted frenemies in Canada?


Hillary Clinton is tackling climate change whether you like it or not

Clinton announced a new initiative to start attacking "short-lived climate pollutants" -- otherwise known as "everything except carbon dioxide."

Renewable Energy

Adorable video will make you feel bad for power plants

This video of collapsing power plant cooling towers is supposed to make you want to celebrate the victory of renewable energy over large power companies that run on fossil fuels. And it does! Sort of. …


Kid-powered school bus

Leave it to the Dutch to figure out how to replace even school buses with a conglomerate of bicycles. The buscycle, used to transport kids to day care, turns elementary schoolers’ boundless energy into a …

Green Cars

This guy invented a manure-powered car … in 1971

According to this 1971 article from Mother Earth News, British chicken farmer Harold Bate invented a car that runs on animal droppings 40 years ago. Why the hell are we still using oil? Bate invented …

Critical List: State Department working to reduce emissions; transportation bill vote delayed

The State Department is going to announce this morning a program to reduce shorter-lived greenhouse gases, like methane. The House won’t vote on Republicans’ transportation bill of horrors quite yet. Worldwide, 92 percent of freshwater …

Election 2012

Symphony of Santorum: Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine supports Rick

This calls for double devil horns, y'all: Megadeth's frontman just came out in support of GOP candidate Rick Santorum for president. One thing's for sure: Mitt Romney's sweating bullets.

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