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Critical List: Obama to expedite portion of Keystone XL; World Water Day

It’s World Water Day: How much do you use? (The average American household uses 350 gallons. I KNOW.) Obama is set to expedite the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Supreme Court decided …


Plane commutes on the rise

An increasing number of people are commuting to New York jobs from hundreds of miles away or even the other side of the country, according to WNYC’s Transportation Nation. There are about 4,000 regular plane …


A science experiment run by gnomes

A company that makes scales for scientific use has demonstrated slight variations in Earth’s gravitational pull at the surface, in what may the first science experiment to use garden gnomes as instrumentation.

Natural Gas

EPA: ‘This water is fine, apart from all the methane’

The Environmental Protection Agency said that Dimock, Pa., has safe drinking water in spite of fracking. But independent testing found dangerous levels of methane. What gives?

Climate & Energy

Earth Day too committed for you? Celebrate Earth Hour instead

Thanks, global recession: Earth Day gets cut down to Earth Hour. Or is this that thing where everyone turns their lights out?

Business & Technology

Robot jellyfish will use water for fuel, spy on you

A team working out of Virginia Tech and the University of Texas at Dallas is building a robotic jellyfish that mimics the real thing. Here it is in action: The robot gets its power from …


Behold H&M’s new green collection

H&M’s business model — selling cheap clothes that either disintegrate or fall out of fashion quickly — doesn’t exactly fit into the “buy less stuff” model of sustainability. But they’re still trying to sell eco-consciousness, …


Human wings: The green answer to air travel

Forget subways, trains, and bikes — those are old hat compared to what we’re about to tell you. Meet the new green form of transportation: strapping on human bird wings and flying through the air …

Critical List: Tariffs for imported Chinese solar panels; Obama to visit solar facility

The Department of Commerce announced that China was selling solar panels at unfairly low prices in the U.S. and that it would slap tariffs on them. Obama’s on an “all-of-the-above” energy tour today: He’ll stop …