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Green Cars

Sporty little MIT ‘city car’ is cute as an animal-themed butt plug

MIT’s 1,609-pound, all-electric wheeled pod thingy is actually going to be produced and sold, so we thought it could use a marketing campaign. Also, the whole web is kind of having a holiday right now, …


Oklahoma makes bold move to not eat human fetuses

Apparently the new hotness among Republicans is legislating against things that don't exist.


Study: News coverage of Keystone XL slanted toward pipeline proponents

During the debate so far over Keystone XL, the media have favored pipeline proponents, according to a new study from Media Matters. Broadcast, cable, and print news stories all featured more people who supported the …

Critical List: Big trees suffer more from deforestation; Japan’s version of Al Gore

Deforestation is disproportionately killing off the world’s largest trees. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif., a.k.a. the Mustache of Justice) wants to subpoena Koch Industries executives to force them to testify about the company’s connection to Keystone …

Climate Policy

Republicans cockblock NOAA appointment because of an oil-drilling snit

You’d think that the main criterion for being named the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s chief scientist would be that you are a scientist. (Lesser criteria: being plausibly chiefly; studying some field related to oceanic …


New toilet paper is recycled and brown, and that’s not QUITE as gross as it sounds

So if you were going to make a recycled toilet paper, would you make a huge deal about it being brown? Is that really the color that will evoke the most pleasant images when paired …

Climate & Energy

Schoolkids want The Lorax to be more tree-huggy

As Dave Roberts pointed out when the trailer was released, the upcoming Lorax movie is an insult to all that’s good and holy. The original Seuss tale is bleak, sure, but bleak with a purpose: …

Renewable Energy

How enhanced geothermal power works, courtesy Taiwanese animators

Taiwanese animation studio NMA News explains, visually, how one key to our energy future works.

Climate Policy

Geoengineering could boost crop production, says study

Adding tiny, sunlight-blocking particles to the upper atmosphere -- a.k.a. the “artificial volcano” approach to geoengineering -- could help crops avoid the effects of global warming.

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