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Grist List: Look what we found.


Wisconsin town wants to outlaw biking and walking

The town of Hull, Wis., has a creative response to solving the problem of bike and pedestrian safety: Forbid bikers and pedestrians from using the roads. Hull wants to restrict some of its roads to vehicle-only traffic -- although if you log your daily run with the City Council they might consider making an exception: A town public safety committee, which examined general safety on town roads this summer, came up with a draft ordinance in September that requires biking, running or walking groups to register their travel plans with the town or bans them from using roads outright. The …

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Perry's energy plan is a Big Oil wet dream

This is not a surprise or anything, but Rick Perry unveiled what we'll charitably call an "energy plan," and it's printed on oil-soaked paper with oil-based ink. Perry's plan, in short: Drill everywhere. The Gulf of Mexico, the Outer Continental Shelves, ANWR, offshore Alaska, the Rocky Mountains. EV. ERY. WHERE. Sure, mutilating the earth to get at an unrenewable resource is a fundamentally unsustainable plan, but we really only have to keep it going until Rick Perry dies, right? Who cares what happens after that? Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling permits for everyone! There is literally no way that could …


House members say Keystone XL approval process is tainted

Twenty members of the House of Representatives have signed a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking her to reject the Keystone XL pipeline on the grounds that the approval process has been tainted by conflicts of interest. The legislators are worried about reports that the State Department hired a TransCanada-affiliated firm to do the pipeline's environmental evaluation. "These relationships alarmingly suggest that the process may not have been objective," they write, "and this decision is too important to be clouded by even the appearance of impropriety." Just to refresh, contractor Cardno Entrix said the pipeline will have "limited" effects …


Rahm Emanuel decides public employees must use public transit

Employees of the city of Chicago are going to have to get used to taking the bus and the subway. Starting next year, they’ll have to use public transit, unless they have a really good excuse and are down for filling out a lot of paper work. Whose idea was this? Mayor Rahm Emanuel, of course. Rahmbo doesn't want city employees on official business to take their personal cars or #*(%&@ cabs. They're public employees; they'll take *#@%(& public transit! This isn’t just for green reasons; it’s also because Chicago -- surprise! -- is totally corrupt. Apparently city employees were …

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Can luxury car brands market green vehicles?

Luxury car brands have a problem. They want to be green, honest! But luxury, according to The New York Times, means "bigger, stronger, faster." None of those adjectives translate into "fuel economy." They're trying, though! Aston Martin, for instance, turned a tiny Toyota smart car into the fancy Cygnet, which has 1.3 liter engine. Mercedes is working on smaller cars, some with hybrid or electric engines. Lexus has a "compact luxury hybrid hatchback" (whatever that is). The problem is, luxury brands are afraid of screwing up and being laughed off the global auto sales stage for trying to pass of …


California will ban BPA from baby cups

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that bans bisphenol A from baby bottles and sippy cups sold in the state, starting in July of 2013. The Environmental Working Group had been pushing the law, which is called the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act and requires that manufacturers sub in the "least toxic alternative available" for hormone-disrupting BPA. It's almost too bad that the law will take so long to go into effect. Given the number of parents out there who'd probably prefer not to be lacing their kids apple juice with toxins, sippy cup exports from California …

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Critical List: Texas drought creating baby animal shortage; Keystone XL doc on Oscar shortlist

The Texas drought has meant fewer births of adorable baby animals. Maybe the new climate lobby can include all of the internet. Also joining the climate fight: yuppies and freelancers. Starbucks is worried about the future of its business model, as rising temperatures threaten coffee crops. Democrats aren't the only ones who back clean energy projects that don't end up saving the world. Orrin Hatch, for instance, backed a company trying to develop a hybrid Hummer, which collapsed under the weight of its own irony. China wants to dominate the global wind-turbine market, as well as the solar market. The …


The EPA doesn’t regulate farm dust, it regulates air pollution

One cardinal rule of American politics is "Thou shalt not piss off the farmers." (Remember how farms were going to get a free pass on cap-and-trade?) Conveniently for Republicans, earlier this year, air monitors in Arizona found high levels of particulate matter in the air, and the EPA traced it to farms and had to work with farmers to minimize the amount of dust their work was creating. Now, Arizona is very, very dusty place, and particulate matter is a hazard to air quality. But for what a reasonable person can only assume were political reasons, Republicans started claiming that …

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The top 10 Fox News lies about the EPA

Media Matters has compiled a list of the top 10 falsehoods Fox News has spread about the EPA this year. Click for more detail!

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Here's what wind power looked like in 1951

This video of vintage wind turbines is super cool. EnergyNOW reports that the U.K. started supplementing its energy needs with wind power during World War II, then kept using wind for daily needs -- like shop window lighting -- after the war was over.