Grist List

Climate & Energy

Earth is losing 39 cubic miles of ice per year

Thanks to the GRACE satellite, we now know that the planet is shedding 150 billion tons of ice annually, like some gigantic glass of lemonade left out in the sun.

Critical List: Obama budget ups clean energy funding; Monsanto poisoned farmer

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy that chocolate now: it could be harder to find as climate change takes its toll on the cacao tree. Here are …

Sustainable Farming

Even Fox News likes this anti-factory-farm ad

This adorable/emotional Chipotle ad, featuring Willie Nelson justifying Coldplay's existence, has stolen the heart of ... Fox News.

Urban Agriculture

Sweden builds 18-story greenhouse

Swedish company Plantagon International is taking the urban greenhouse to the next level, and then the 17 levels beyond that. Their new vertical greenhouse in Linköping, Sweden will be 177 feet high.

Industrial Agriculture

McDonald’s becomes one iota less horrible to pigs

McDonald’s has announced that it’s requiring pork suppliers to phase out gestation stalls — pig-sized pig cages where pregnant sows are confined, often unable to …

Climate & Energy

New York City could see devastating floods every three to 20 years

By the end of this century, thanks to climate change, devastating floods of New York City could happen every three to 20 years, says a new analysis from researchers at MIT and Princeton.

Business & Technology

How 1.6 billion people who live on less than a dollar a day afford renewables

If you're not already connected to an electricity grid, renewable energy is a no-brainer, argues Michigan professor of history and ‘scholar of the Muslim world’ Juan Cole.


The McMansion trend has peaked

Americans' ideal home size declined to 2,100 square feet from a peak of 2,300, according to real estate research firm Trulia.


Japan’s emissions shot up after Fukushima — but it could have been worse

After the Fukushima disaster, Japan launched a campaign to cut energy use. Businessmen wore relatively skimpy outfits to the office, turned off lights, abstained from …