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Watch comedian David Mitchell take the piss out of climate deniers

I am obsessed with David Mitchell. (The comedian, not the dishy author, but really both of them.) Okay, mostly I'm obsessed with Robert Webb because he's the cute one who takes his pants off sometimes, but the point is they are both spectacularly funny and I will basically listen to David Mitchell talk about anything. So it's particularly delightful when he's going yard on climate deniers.

The most damning account of the Solyndra scandal comes from … the Daily Show?

The Daily Show

Campus revolts over bottled-water bans

Two Minnesota college campus have banned bottled water, and students are, like, totally flipping out. As one College Republican, who apparently is also enrolled in the Sarah Palin School of Political Oratory, put it: “A little bit goes along the line of free choice. For us, that’s a big principle, in College Republicans is that you can’t really delegate to students what they can and cannot do in their own free will,” said Caitlyn Spence, chair of the St. Benedict Republicans. (What?) 

Critical List: 24 hours later, climate change still a reality; EPA will miss GHG deadline

Al Gore said some stuff. Texans return to their burnt-out homes. If these droughts keep up, it won’t be too long before the state gets on board with Gore. The EPA won't make a deadline for regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Here's what an imaginary, perfectly green Obama would do on environmental issues. Democrats should run this guy in 2012!

Oh, now we're not regulating greenhouse gases either

The EPA, as expected, has decided to postpone making rules about carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions from power plants. I mean, greenhouse gas regulations? How is that REMOTELY the job of the Environmental Protection Agency, amirite?

Taking the subway: You're doing it wrong

It's supposed to be instead of your car.

Alternative fuel source: Doritos?

We use hydrocarbons in cars, home heating, and so forth because hydrocarbons burn. We also make snack chips out of hydrocarbons because we are disgusting. …

GOP says ban on invasive snakes is 'job killer'

The Obama administration wants to strangle job growth in America like some kind of giant, prosperity-choking python, mostly by banning the importation of said pythons, says a new GOP report.

New atlas shows climate change effects — including a brand-new island

The new edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World includes an island that's only existed since 2006. Uunartoq Qeqertaq -- "Warming Island" -- surfaced when the Greenland ice cover retreated because of global warming. It's only one of the climate change side effects that have now been deemed permanent enough for inclusion in the atlas.

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