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It's Car Free Day! Let's celebrate with a traffic jam, like China did

Today is Car Free Day in the U.S., a holiday that will probably be celebrated by fewer people than Talk Like a Pirate Day. But we might still end up more observant than China, which had No Car Day yesterday -- and celebrated with a giant traffic jam.

Michele Bachmann thinks food regulation is 'overkill'

Let nobody say Michele Bachmann isn't consistent, at least in this one particular sense. The woman just doesn't like regulation. Even the kind that's meant to keep you from chowing down on E. coli casserole.

Everybody but America is cuckoo for carbon capture

While the U.S. has largely given up on building functional carbon capture and storage projects linked to power plants, everyone else is all over it. Whatever your feelings about this technology, it's undeniable that it's one more "clean" energy effort we're falling behind on, reports EnergyBiz.

Russia decides there’s no problem with Chernobyl-style reactors

Soviet-era, Chernobyl-style RMYK nuclear reactors were only designed to be used for 30 years, but now Russia has decided to extend the life of 11 of them to 45 years. Great idea or GREATEST idea?

Stop breathing! You’re putting us into debt

Starting next week, everything you eat, breathe, use, and touch will put you further in debt to the planet. Each year, humans consume more resources than the planet can produce, putting us into "ecological debt" to the planet.  Unlike monetary debt, this over-budget spending can't be forgiven or wiped away. 

Critical List: Britain’s new shale gas bonanza; 48 hours in a box, with plants

British people now have a greater stake in fighting against hydrofracking: turns out their country has a lot of shale gas. Luckily, though, they live in Europe, where gas executives admit that, at the very least, drilling should become safer. The U.S. could be the biggest market for solar power in the world.

The world's greenest car

Berkeley, Calif. news site Berkeleyside polled readers about what kind of car best embodies that famously granola town. The Volvo station wagon won out, but …

Pumpkin shortage slams Northeast

If you're going to want pumpkins for this season's jack-o-lanterns, pies, horseman head substitutes, or transportation to the ball, better start stocking up now. This year's weird weather has meant a smaller pumpkin crop, and existing pumpkins are selling for much more than usual. Thanks, climate change, you buzzkill.

Scientists build machine to suck carbon from the air

This machine sucks carbon out of the air like a Ghostbusters beam snarfing up ectoplasm. The idea is that if we can build millions of these babies, and find a good place to stick the carbon they capture, we can start to bring down Earth's already-dangerous levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.