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The future of fuel from trash [INFOGRAPHIC]

Critical List: Green jobs program flounders; India calls Monsanto out on biopiracy

Oof. Only 10 percent of people the Labor Department trained for green jobs have found work. Using solar energy to extract oil must be the ultimate example of greenwashing. In Afghanistan, networking generators together can relieve 7,900 fuel trucks of their duties and keep soldiers from risking their lives to bring oil into the country.

Graphic: The sad state of American forests

The New York Times has an interactive infographic about the state of forests worldwide. Here's North America. The orange area has been decimated by the mountain …

U.K. plants think it's spring again

Anyone who was sighing "Oh, to be in England, now that spring is here" back in April get another shot now. The weather has been so unseasonably warm that flowers are starting a second blooming season. Robert Browning would be psyched.

Why is Britain's best environmentalist barred from the U.S.?

John Stewart -- not that Jon Stewart, the one with the H -- was voted the U.K.'s most effective environmentalist in 2008. Like our Jon Stewart, he gets things done. So how come his visa was revoked while he was over the Atlantic, traveling to the U.S. for a speaking tour?

Watch Consumer Reports fall in love with the Nissan Leaf

State Department and Keystone XL are BFFs, say emails

Hillary Clinton's former deputy national campaign director is now lobbying Clinton and the Department of State on behalf of TransCanada, the company that wants to lay 7,000 miles of pipe between Canada's tar sands and Texas refineries.

New wave of revelations about Koch Industries' unethical, illegal behavior

Koch Industries, the privately held petrochemical giant whose corporate personality can best be described as obsessive-compulsively evil, is at it again!

These hairy crazy ants are invading America and they do not screw around

Start playing the video above, and after you're suitably grossed out by the close-ups, skip to about 0:45. These are insects called hairy crazy ants -- that is what they’re really called -- and they are terrifying. How do they move that fast?  These guys are invading the American South. They are called hairy, because their bellies are hairy. They are called crazy, because they move crazy fast, and also they are crazy with nothing to lose. And they're hard to kill.