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Hey, we found a new dolphin species!

We all know the Earth still has more and stranger species than we've discovered, or at least it will until we clear-cut and climate-bomb them right into extinction. But you usually figure these fragile exotic lifeforms are hanging out in caves under Madagascar, or somewhere else that's tough to get to. Turns out, though, that at least some of them have been chiling near Melbourne, Australia, where researchers have discovered a new species of dolphin just basically right under their noses. 

Critical List: Climate change kills jobs; making a bridge out of live trees

Climate change kills jobs: A new study says California's economy could take a hit in the hundreds of millions of dollars as climate change takes it toll. So really, any program that fights climate change should be considered a job-saving program. Job creation may be a different story. Loan guarantees for green energy projects aren't creating as many jobs as the Obama administration promised. Green groups in Texas are growing, which means staffing up. (Now green is good for jobs again!)

Cargill likes salmonella-tainted turkey so much, they produced it twice in two months

Is Cargill switching production to all tainted turkey all the time? We'd think the market for that wasn't big, but only a month after issuing a massive recall for salmonella-tainted turkey (associated with at least one death), the food giant is ... issuing a massive recall for salmonella-tainted turkey. You guys, I think ... I think it's a glitch in the Matrix!

The iPhone game that will make you ashamed for having an iPhone

Aw look, it's Phone Story, a fun little game where you produce things and catch things and shoot things at people! It's like Farmville AND Cut the Rope AND Angry Birds! Except that instead of saving your eggs or feeding your dinosaur, you're simulating the production of your iPhone -- which means you're actually abusing workers and manipulating consumers in order to score your points.

Best way to convince deniers: Butter them up

Well, it turns out Dave Roberts has been going about this talking to climate skeptics thing all wrong. If you want to get people to consider data that doesn't fit with their pet worldview, you should make them think really hard about how great they are. Then they'll be putty in your hands! And if you don't believe me, have I mentioned how fetching you look today?

Shocker: BP oil spill was BP's fault

A federal report, based on an investigation by the Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement, has officially placed the blame for the BP oil spill at the feet of -- who knew? -- BP.

Scientists are about to test a scheme to cool the Earth

If the world is getting hotter because it's absorbing too much sunlight, why not put up a sunshade? That's the question Montgomery Burns has often asked, and one that scientists in the UK will begin to answer this October when they will use a weather balloon to loft a hose a little more than half a mile into the sky. They'll then pump water up the hose into the atmosphere. If that sounds simplistic to you, maybe you just don’t understand science.

Mitt Romney's energy policy crafted by coal-funded shill

It should surprise no one that Mitt Romney's pro-coal, anti-carbon regulations energy plan was crafted by a coal zombie, but here are the deets anyway: Jim Talent, a key Romney advisor, leads a lobbying firm that took $125,000 from Peabody Energy to promote coal-related interests.

Fiddling while his state burns isn't just a metaphor for Perry, says Thomas Friedman

Oh look -- America's most-read liberal just devoted an entire column to climate change, or should we say climate weirding. It's nice to see the talking points we feed you, our climate hawk minions, repeated so succinctly in a national forum. There were even a few new ones we hadn't thought of yet:

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