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A dog learned how to ride the bus, so you are out of excuses

In Seattle, land of a byzantine bus system, even the dogs know how to handle public transit.


Macklemore finds perfect venue: An actual garbage can

Macklemore teams up with Sesame Street for a video about recycling.

Hard out here for a shrimp

Get ready for endlessly gross shrimp, thanks to climate change

According to a new study out of Sweden, ocean acidification is changing how shrimp taste.

Business & Technology

Smart pedals help you find your stolen bike

These high-tech pedals alert you if your bike has moved, and tell you where it's gone, via a tracking app on your smartphone.

Hop Dreams

When it comes to naming craft beers, there’s a perfect legal storm a-microbrewin’

There are so many craft beers that microbreweries are now fighting over names.


The new year means more healthy food — and junk food, apparently

While we toss in seaweed chips and gluten-free bread into our shopping carts, we forget to let up on the Cheetos.

Business & Technology

Need to borrow a chainsaw? This app can help

Peerby connects folks in need of bike pumps and folding chairs with the neighbors who have them.


Plants clean this office building’s air in the world’s most polluted city

In the world's smoggiest city, ventilating with outdoor air doesn't work. A little greenery will do the trick, though.


7 species that moved closer to extinction in 2014

From northern white rhinos to Bangladesh's sloth bears to the Christmas Island forest skink: These animals had a worse year than you.

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