Grist List


Everyone is beating Whole Foods at its own game

Competing organic lines from other national retailers have caused the powerhouse's profits to plummet.


Hey, doctors: Women aren’t imagining their health problems

Going to the doctor is bad enough without being told that your very physical symptoms are the product of your silly, flighty ladybrain.

harsh toke

Sorry to harsh your mellow, but that pot isn’t pesticide-free

Turns out marijuana and pesticide regulations are harder to figure out than a stoned 7/11 purchase.


Scientists say we need a huge bird and bat preserve in the sky

Drones could cause a spike in bird and bat deaths. These scientists want to prevent that.


Local public library going to shit? Some people are starting their own

New York City libraries are as popular as ever, but they are falling apart. A few New Yorkers are starting libraries their own.


New York’s beloved hot dogs are becoming a lot greener

But not in the way you might expect.


White House to Shell: Arctic drilling? Go right ahead

The Obama administration just gave a stamp of approval to Shell's Alaska drilling plan. *facepalm*

Climate & Energy

These composers put climate change across the globe to music

You’ll definitely get goosebumps when you hear the crescendo of climate change across the globe.


Let’s get over the whole “toilet to tap” thing, shall we?

Drinking recycled sewage water could become the new norm in Cali because it just makes sense.