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Climate & Energy

Why Emma Watson’s feminist speech is all about climate, too

The feminist causes that Watson brought up are very much tied to the future of the planet.

Climate & Energy

Is your meat in season?

Like tomatoes and corn, bacon has a season.

bad news

Media coverage creates oil spill amnesia — so don’t read this!

News accounts of eco-disasters give us a false sense that everything is going to be OK. Because we really, really want everything to be OK.


California is (finally) taking steps to regulate its groundwater

Thirsty Californians now need to think twice before they tap that aquifer.

Climate & Energy

Use your dead pet to power the grid. It’s what Miss Toots would have wanted

Pet cemeteries are the new Hummers, enormous animal corpse processors are the new Teslas!

Climate & Energy

The Weather Channel has your forecast for 2050

The Weather Channel joins the IPCC in predicting a chaotic future without climate action. Wear a raincoat.


Beer: a magical mixture of hops, barley, and tiny pieces of plastic

Researchers took a microscope to a bunch of German beer. What they found will ruin your whole day.


This just in: Millennials love organic eggplant, hate Gucci

The nation’s most closely scrutinized generation is basically dumping $20 bills on the front steps of Whole Foods with a wheelbarrow.


Get paid to make your commute awesome

Got an idea for how to make the daily trek less awful? This contest could make your dream come true.

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