Grist List


Cops still have no clue how to deal with sexual harassment on public transit

World: Women don't need another reason to feel like their safety in public spaces doesn't matter.


Here’s the soundtrack to your city

If you, too, have always tried to learn a city to a soundtrack, this map is for you.

what the shell??

Shell’s oil rig is already falling apart — and it hasn’t even left for the Arctic

The Noble Discoverer failed a Coast Guard inspection in Honolulu. So why is it still heading to Seattle?

Good Vibrations

Yes, plants need vibrators, too

Plants, just like your girlfriend, think vibrators are the bees' knees.

Sturgeon General Warning

What swims in rivers, rhymes with drought, and is dying in California?

Californians: Prepare to see a lot more catfish in years to come. Mm-mmm, mudcats.

Purrfect Storm

Oakland might not have much water, but it’s littered with kittens

A flood of fuzzy kittens are arriving at animal shelters in Oakland, Calif. Could the drought be the culprit?


Which is scarier: The San Andreas trailer or Seattle’s future earthquake?

If you enjoy abject fear, you could just come to Seattle and stand near the Alaskan Way Viaduct every day, waiting to die.

ticked off

Ticks are spreading — and so is Lyme disease

Warming temperatures expand the range of ticks, lengthen the season, and increase the chances of one giving you Lyme disease. Shudder.

Jurassic Pork

Nightmare school district serves students old-ass meat

The six-year-old pork roast could've served a term on the Senate. Grossed out yet?