Grist List


Did John Oliver just shake and bake the poultry industry?

Apparently, if you want something fixed, get John Oliver to tackle it.

Take it to the (meat) bank

This giant sperm bank in Colorado will save our hamburgers

The goal of this massive sperm bank is to protect heritage breeds from extinction -- and also to make them more climate-hardy.

Holy (ice) sheet

These freaky maps show what extreme sea-level rise will do to China

As the world's ice sheets melt, cities like Shanghai could be heading underwater.


Bernie Sanders cares about cockblocking, too

A passion for CAPS and a liberal attitude toward sex? Be still, my heart!


Why are officials turning off the tap this summer in some of America’s most vulnerable cities?

Come April, municipal utilities start cracking down on businesses and homes with late water bills by shutting off their taps. Is it ethical?


These maps show how rent is too damn high across America

You need to spend a lot of time working to make ends meet on minimum wage.


What do your mouth and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch have in common?

Those tiny, plastic particles really are everywhere.

Tears of soy

Amy’s Kitchen moves to fast food

Will Americans go for vegan, gluten-free fast food?


Bill Nye, Amy Schumer, and Broad City team up to explain the universe in 3 minutes

Ladies, let's not rely on "the universe" to tell us what to do with our lives.