Grist List

Wave Hello

Please look at these beautiful waves, because the ocean is awesome

When the seas inevitably rise to swallow civilization as we know it, at least it'll be f*cking gorgeous.


Warning: This video about dying on Mars may make you weep

"If I Die on Mars," a new mini-doc from The Guardian, will leave you wondering what it'd be like to leave Earth and never come back.


5 guesses about Apple’s big secret project

The company's mysterious new initiative could allegedly "change the landscape" of personal transport, and give Tesla a run for its money. Hmmm.

Roaming Network

That’s not a sheep, it’s a WiFi router! (It’s also a sheep.)

As farm animals help expand networks in rural areas, side effects could include decreased attention spans and ruminanty Facebook rants.

what a moby dick

Whales, fed up with being fished, take revenge on fishermen

In Alaska, once overfished sperm whales are striking back against fishermen by eating all of their fish. This is one whale's tale.


This ad will actually make you want to ride the bus

What if your bus commute were straight out of a Michael Bay movie?

the caviar of CSS

These magic CO2-dissolving capsules want to save the world

Scientists think they've found a new technology for pulling carbon from the air, and it looks like weird fish roe.

Sheer lunacy

Mining the moon is a thing that could actually happen

Here are three ways entrepreneurs are already planning to use the moon, from rocket fuel to rare elements.


5 most absurd Super Bowl commercials

These ads tell us What Americans Want Now -- and as we know, our spending habits are the biggest part of our climate impact.