Grist List

Whoah, Nice Marmot

This marmot wants to make out with you because of climate change

Featuring steamy lines from "nature's pickup artists."

Bone Dry

California cemeteries dig deep to save water

Amid ongoing drought, cemeteries turn to grass alternatives to conserve water.

Squeaky Clean

What to do with an old bus? Turn it into a shower for San Francisco’s homeless

A new program in San Francisco provides mobile showers to the homeless by retrofitting old buses.

Pay Dirt

Thanks to drought, panning for gold is gaining popularity in California

There's a new mini Gold Rush as rivers are drying up and prospectors are moving in.

sharey stories

U.S. bikeshares have killed a shocking number of people

Roughly 23 million bikeshare rides have been taken since 2007, but no one has died and accident rates are low, according to experts.

Climate & Energy

Ants will save the world! Wait, ants?

Ants might be able to speed up carbon dioxide absorption in rocks. Is this a viable way to fight global warming?

Rather than killing sharks, this town moves them away from human-infested waters

Recife, Brazil, has taken a shockingly non-hysterical approach to reducing shark attacks. Fly fishers everywhere call it catch-and-release.

There's an App for That

This new app may help design bike lanes in Germany

A free app traces cyclists’ routes as they ride onto a single map, intended to help city planners create new bike paths where they're needed most.


Harvesting energy from our eyelids? Don’t worry, it’s just art

An industrial designer and artist dreams up a line of devices that could pull energy from the human body.

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