Grist List


Harvesting energy from our eyelids? Don’t worry, it’s just art

An industrial designer and artist dreams up a line of devices that could pull energy from the human body.

Australia responds to shark attacks by … attacking sharks first

Reacting to an uptick in fatal great white shark attacks, the country’s Conservative Party has decided to kill any shark that comes anywhere near the beach.

joy index to the world

You’re happy and you know it — but how’s the rest of the world doing?

The Better Life Index tells us about the keys to global happiness. Sort of.

Dark Roast

Coffee taste like dirt? That’s because it might be

As climate change makes coffee beans scarcer, some counterfeit producers are already stretching their supplies by adding unsavory fillers.

Business & Technology

This architect builds with beer crates and recycled fabric, but don’t call him green

“I have no interest in ‘Green,’ ‘Eco,’ and ‘Environmentally Friendly,’" says Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Shigeru Ban. "I just hate wasting things.”

Shark Week without sharks is just Week

We kill 100 million sharks a year -- many of them just for their fins. If we keep this up, Shark Week is going to be just a whole lotta blue.


Copenhagen’s newest bike lane totally rules

The famously cycle-friendly city has just outdone itself with a cool elevated roadway.

highway to smell

Bacon-fueled motorcycle goes whole hog

When will the bacon craze sizzle out?


“I Heart NY” mastermind launches catchy climate change logo

To help make climate change awareness stick (and slick), design legend Milton Glaser created a catchy logo.

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