This “talking” tree, from Brussels, Belgium, is certainly not the first nonhuman entity to have a social media presence. But unlike, say, the Bronx Zoo cobra, the tree isn’t just a novelty account — it’s a genuine tree, wired with sensors, and its tweets and Facebook statuses are just English translations of data about its local rainfall, noise level, and air quality.

This unfortunately means it’s pretty boring. You know your one friend who never posts anything on Facebook except, like, “I still have a cold” and “chicken sandwiches FTW” and “yay, it’s Friday”? The talking tree is basically an arboreal version of that. Some sample tweets:

Those are all pretty old, too, and the tree doesn’t even have a Facebook header, so he may have moved on to Tumblr or something. Which means the social media field is wide open for a new wired-up tree that will tweet things like “Hey guys, YOU’RE WELCOME for increasing your property values,” “Ha ha, I’m full of methane, suckers,” and “Brother, can you spare a dime?”