ice, ice, ladies

Ho hum, another scientific expedition to Antarctica … but this time the scientists are all women.

This is the largest all-female expedition ever.

Good Things

The mannequin challenge may be in its twilight, but public transit has our hearts forever.

Atlanta's metro authority filmed a mannequin challenge. It's delightful.

Remember that time...

This is your brain on climate change.

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Ok, We'll Bite

Is Ivanka Trump a secret climate hawk? Probably not, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

An anonymous source told Politico that Ivanka Trump plans to make climate change a signature issue.

Getting warmer

What’s a greener way to heat my home?

A reader wonders which is better -- a heat pump or a high-efficiency gas furnace. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk warms to the topic.

planet earth

Watch changes on the ol’ Blue Marble unfold in gorgeous, alarming satellite images.

Zoom out and it's easy to see how quickly we're changing the world.

breaking hearts

Canada’s Justin Trudeau approved two controversial pipelines and rejected a third.

Trudeau just lost his charm.

CC Anonymous

This nine-step program is like Alcoholics Anonymous for climate anxiety.

The first step in the program is admitting there's a problem.

it's lit

Thousands have fled their homes as historic wildfires burn in Tennessee.

At least 100,000 acres to burn burned across Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas since October.