Climate & Energy

Houston flooding is a perfect storm of climate change and bad urban planning

It's not just the rainfall that is endangering Houston's citizens -- it's all that pavement.

Lust for Life

Which birth control works best — and creates the least waste?

Which type of birth control produces the least waste (and the fewest kids)? Find out from advice maven Umbra Fisk.

Climate & Energy

Tar sands oil is as bad for health as it is for climate

A new study found air pollution around Alberta's tar sand operations to rival a major city.


Please resist the urge to take a selfie with this cute seal

Keep your cellphone-wielding flippers to yourself, says NOAA.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could wreck Yellowstone, Statue of Liberty, Galapagos Islands, other sites

See photos of the stunning UNESCO World Heritage sites that are under threat.


Air pollution is a real heartbreaker. No, really.

A new study links bad air quality to increased risk of heart disease.

Climate & Energy

Big Oil is all over the place on climate change

Major oil companies are anything but consistent on the biggest challenge of our time.


It’s official: This summer will be a miserable inferno

Get ready for drought, wildfires, and pit stains.

Cool Runnings

Planning a trip? Here’s how to save energy at home while you’re gone.

How can you cut home energy use while you're on vacation? Advice maven Umbra Fisk offers tips just in time for summer.