Fight for school meals that make our kids and the planet healthier

Politicians are threatening to slash budgets and nutritional standards.

Take A Breather

There’s a blood feud between a vegan strip club and a steak house. Guess where?

God bless Portland.

Bank your money on something other than dirty energy

Are your dollars supporting pipelines or fossil fuel extraction? Clean up those benjamins!

bottle royale

Now THIS is how you do a socially aware ad for a carbonated beverage.

Good job. 10/10 ad.

Break your newsfeed addiction with better online habits

Dr. James Hamblin prescribes some balance in your second life.

Meet the fixer: This organizer fights for safer waste disposal.

Trash incinerators spew dangerous toxins. Ahmina Maxey fights for safer waste disposal.

War on Facts

This is embarrassing, but there might be some climate denial in your school.

Climate science is not controversial, guys.

The best way to fight city hall: Make friends there

Here’s how to whip your community into shape.

Meet the fixer: This teenager gives the youngest generation a voice.

Teenagers are often left out of the green conversation. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez gives the youngest generation a voice.