Trashy to Classy

Emma Watson’s Met Gala outfit was trash

In a good way, though.


Jimmy Kimmel takes on Sarah Palin. And wins.

Kimmel delivers some real talk on climate conspiracy theories.

Climate & Energy

The United Arab Emirates has a plan to make it rain: Build a mountain

If you have more money than water, why NOT build yourself a nice mountain?

Bra None

I just bought a new bra. Could it be toxic?

When a breast-cancer survivor wonders whether she's just purchased toxic bras, advice maven Umbra Fisk offers support -- including tips on natural alternatives.


Your dishwasher is there for a reason

And it’s not just because you’re lazy. It’s actually green!

Shots and Chasers

Slide into my DMs and out of my doctor’s office

Sext, don’t sext, whatever -- it's your body. Here’s what legislators across the country are doing this week to show how much they disagree with that.


Stop trying to get Instagram likes by destroying natural wonders

This is why we can't have nice things.


Vegans take pitchforks, death threats to L.A. restaurant

Café Gratitude was once a favorite among vegans. No more.


These gorgeous photos of national parks make America look great again

Our politics may be ugly, but our landscape sure is beautiful.