This week, a couple of friends and I went to see geobiologist Hope Jahren speak about her memoir, Lab Girl, which deals with the experience of being, well, a girl in the lab.

Spoiler: It’s just like being a girl in the world, which means you have to deal with all the same shit you normally do, but while wearing a lab coat and juggling petri dishes. I will not attempt to explain the nuance of the experience, because Jahren — having lived it — writes it far better. Go read her book.

What I loved most of her talk wasn’t, believe it or not, any discussion of sexism. It was Jahren’s description of her friendship with her lab partner, Bill. The talk’s moderator, The Stranger’s Sydney Brownstone, asked Jahren if she had ever discussed systemic sexism in science with Bill. Probably, Jahren responded after a bewildered pause. But merely by course of talking about everything, as you do with someone you spend all of your time with. “Like a twin,” she explained.