Crazy Like A Fox

Fox News rejects ads making fun of Fox News

One ad asks, as we all do: “What will it take for Fox News to accept that humans are changing the climate?”

All Dried Up And Nowhere To Go

Lake Mead, we’ll be honest: You’ve looked better.

The reservoir, which serves 25 million people across the southwest, has been dwindling since 1993. Is this the new normal?

snorlax attention

Playing Pokémon Go? The internet has some advice for you.

Look up every once in a while.

choked up

People will pay for clean air, but only if they can afford it

A study puts an exact price on pollution in China.

He'll sign it

Congress sends GMO-labeling bill to Obama’s desk

The bill would make labeling mandatory nationwide.


Just how unhealthy are farm subsidies?

We’re not talking about the health of the planet this time — we’re talking about you.


Exclusive: Chill out and drift away with a tune by Liz Vice

Watch the Portland-based artist perform "Enclosed by You" at the 2015 Pickathon festival.

Do or Do Not, There Is No Fry

Can I use nonstick pans with a clean eco-conscience?

Umbra Fisk stirs up advice on cookware for a reader from Virginia.

turning on the charmander

Green group wants to use rare Pokemon to lure voters

NextGen Climate found the youth vote -- it's looking for Snorlax.