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Read these things, get smarter — it’s that simple.

We put together a little weekend reading list for you.

a smile away

Today in weird transit news, we bring you a car that smiles and a mind-blowing electric bus.

The smile will activate at crosswalks to alert pedestrians that it's safe to cross.

Whalin Out

President Obama is designating these ocean monuments like it’s his job, or something.

Obama has protected more land and water than any other American president.

Crap battle

What should you do with your dog’s poo?

Is the answer different if there's a drought on? Advice columnist Umbra Fisk holds her nose and picks up the topic.


Photos: Anti-pipeline protesters across America stand with Standing Rock

Bernie Sanders made an appearance.


Adrian Grenier isn’t an environmentalist — he’s a superhero.

The word "environmentalist," according to a recent interview with Grenier, is too radical.

climbing out of a hole

Jill Stein tries to clarify her opinion of vaccines.

"Vaccines prevent serious epidemics that would cause harm to many people."

Meteorologists Gone Wild

Meet SLOSH, NOAA’s most self-aware acronym yet.

We're dealing with some serious subject matter, but let's talk about that name for a second.

It's A Hot One

Is it us or is it getting hotter in here?

NASA announced Monday that this past August and July tied for the hottest months in recorded history.