Viva veggies: Say goodbye to bacon, boys

You should be a vegetarian, and so should I. So I'm going to try it for one week, and drag my family along with me.


25 days of dares: Kiss a cow, cut the shower short

This is Umbra’s third entry in the series “Grist dared me to make a change.” Read the first and second here. And support her dare with a gift to Grist! Day 7, July 11: Meatless …


Trashtivist: Shameful soup stink

The take-out food is killing me. My trash bag smells like old lentil soup. But when you have kids, you have to feed them.

For the first time ever, renters can get solar incentives, too

There's a reason California is the largest solar market in the country -- I mean, aside from its abundance of sun. Namely, its regulators keep coming up with new ways to allow people to DIY-up …


Ask Umbra Book Club: Is minimalism just for the rich?

Is a streamlined life something only a privileged elite can afford? Ask Umbra explores.

Green Home

Not one more winter in the tipi, honey

Going off the grid seems romantic at first, but unfortunately, women are often the first to encounter the worst realities of homesteading.


Trashtivist: Percy goes to the dump

The heaviest thing so far in my garbage bag is Percy. Poor, corroded Percy. You were a good train, but now it's time for the landfill.

Jail time for gardening: Now officially a trend

Hey, remember the woman threatened with 93 days in jail for growing a garden in her front yard? She could have a cellmate! Dirk Becker of Lantzville, British Columbia turned his scraped-dry gravel pit of …


25 days of dares: Teens and sunscreens

For the first week of my dare-a-day challenge, I planted peas, spoke to some very smart young people and greened up my sunscreen.