Brain-cell phones

Is my smart phone making me dumb?

For years, I've talked on cell phones the old-fashioned way: with the device glued to my ear. Turns out, I've been defying the industry's own fine-print warnings. Boy, do I feel stupid!

i take my ice cream social

Americans need to stop multitasking while eating alone, argues French sociologist Claude Fischler

You're not alone in eating alone -- at least in America. It's what most of us do: in front of computers and TVs, or in cars. But as the preëminent French food sociologist Claude Fischler explained, we represent one extreme end of the social-eating spectrum, and the French another -- and in getting there, we've also strayed quite far from the ways that humans have consumed food for thousands of years.

The dinner takes it all

Bring back the family dinner, says Laurie David

In her new book, Inconvenient Truth producer Laurie David explains why gathering together around a table to eat is important and shares great recipes.

Hoochie mama

Making apple cider without a press [VIDEO]

You don't need much to make hard cider -- just a lot of apples, elbow grease, and patience. Daniel Klein shows you how in this instructional video.

Ball busters and beyond

Ask Umbra on parabens in processed foods and personal lubricant

A reader gets hot and bothered looking for a paraben-free lube. Ask Umbra explores the perils of parabens and the everyday products they're in!

The Everyday Ethicurean

Savoring the last of summer with a 'Rustic Tomato and Chard Tart'

Like my colleague Tom Philpott, I believe that cooking "from scratch" doesn't have to be either intimidating or onerous. Tom is a much better cook than I am, but I won't let that stop me from sharing some of the simple meals I make from local, seasonal ingredients.

For shirts and giggles

Vote for your favorite T-shirt slogan

We asked our audience for suggestions for our new T-shirt slogan. After sifting through a deluge of responses we received via email, Twitter, Facebook, and comments on the site, we narrowed down the list as best we could ... to five. The staff nearly resorted to fisticuffs trying to agree on only two slogans, so we decided to give you the five options we love the most. Cast your vote now.

Eat and greet

Please welcome the adventurous locavore of 'The Perennial Plate' [VIDEO]

Long winters, ice fishing, slaughterhouses, urban gardens, and foraging for wild edibles all are ingredients for Daniel Klein's video feasts, which are set to a seriously awesome raucous soundtrack.

horticulture wars

Paint-and-seed grenade-launcher aims to bomb the blight out of America

Bomb the Blight founder Tommy Wilson is the latest to join the ranks of those pimping the pavement, and he's armed with seed bombs, paint, and an air cannon.

Got 2.7 seconds?

We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.