Newly discovered species of spider is as big as your face

Have you ever been to Northern Sri Lanka? If you haven't, don't go now, because they have just discovered a new type of tarantula there and the thing is huge.

Resistance was futile: True confessions of a fallen vegan

We join our heroine in week three of a monthlong experiment in plant-based living. All is not well in Veganville.

American kids still pretty lead-poisoned

More than half a million kids under 5 are suffering from high blood lead levels, according to the CDC.

We really want to live in this floating Finnish village — and thanks to climate change, we’ll eventually have to

They're building some energy efficient floating condos in a little town in Finland. Maybe we will learn Finnish and retire to one and drink aquavit forever.

Make an awesome kid’s bike by ruining an IKEA stool

If you put it together right, IKEA's Frosta is a simple stool. If you put it together wrong, it's a cute kid-sized bicycle.

Take our quiz to figure out what kind of chicken is right for you

Modern Farmer has a guide to choosing a chicken. The only problem: It wasn't in Cosmo quiz form. We fixed that.

If your food wasn’t fake enough already, now you can spray paint it gold

As a rule, we do try not to eat anything that has "ethanol" in its list of ingredients.

Meet Paris’ newest municipal gardeners: Four teeny sheep

Paris is finally catching up with those cutting-edge trendsetters in Ohio -- the City of Lights has decided to follow the herd and use a flock of adorable sheep as lawnmowers.

Ryan Gosling feels bad for the cows

The beefed-up star wrote a letter to the National Milk Producers Federation asking it to end the practice of dehorning cows.