the dictionary in the coal mine

Climate change found to be rapidly altering … the English language

The latest words added to the Oxford Dictionary of English show our panic-button solutions to global warming are changing the linguistic climate.


My Intentional Life: Hot Flies in the Summertime

The roomies jackhammer up concrete to make way for a garden. See what happens when that freshly-tilled urban soil meets a rainy summer and feral cats.

Green you in September

Ask Umbra’s advice on sustainable campuses and school fundraisers

Umbra gives guidance counseling on how to green your keg-stand campus and raise greener money for a student organization.

The GINK videos

Is the U.S. the most overpopulated country on the planet? [VIDEO]

Does it really make a difference to global sustainability if Americans have fewer kids? Damn straight, says William Ryerson of Population Institute.

Cast Irons in the fire

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 11: Cast iron and pot luck

This week's Urbivore's Dilemma: Hosting the biggest dinner party ever in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, and getting sentimental about heirloom cast iron skillets.

Doggone environmentalists ...

Are these small dogs more eco-friendly than your lab? [SLIDESHOW]

Your dog's carbon pawprint is probably larger than you think. But instead of jettisoning the pet, how about downsizing to a smaller pooch?

sew you think you can dance in that?

Turning yesterday's fugly into today's fashion — for $1

The world would be better off if we could all take a stitch in nine like Marisa Lynch, whose thrifting, diy-ing, and blogging is saving the world from the fugliest dresses -- and setting a fashionable example for greener living.

drunk with power

Whiskey biofuels getting tanked

Scottish scientists have been thinking a lot about drinking and driving. And what they've discovered will knock you off your feet.

snack, crackle, pop

The (incredibly loud) sound of SunChips on the Today Show — featuring Grist!

Watch the Today Show -- and me! -- break down the issue of SunChips' new and noisy biodegradable bag.