Most Protestant pastors don’t think climate change is real

Only 43 percent believe global warming is happening and human-caused, a new survey finds. Democratic pastors are far more likely to get it than Republicans.

Someone is wrong on the internet, and it’s Google’s Earth Day doodle

We like celebrating Earth. But it turns out that Google has created a weird alternative planet that has a sun, a moon, four seasons, and prairie dogs but could not possibly be Earth.

Contest-winning kids are absurdly good at drawing endangered creatures

Kindergartener Ava Bribiesco decided she wanted to depict American burying beetles -- and won the grand prize.

We say YES to this wedding dress made out of reused bread bag ties

The whole dress cost less than $50 to make. And it's beautiful.

Two-in-one trash can removes your excuse not to recycle

The Solecan is two cans that snap together into one. You just have to move your recycling about an inch to the left, which you can probably handle even if you're really lazy.

Disabled squirrel named Winkelhimer learns to express herself through painting

Winkelhimer Smith, artist and squirrel, is dealing with the trauma of a cat attack through painting.

On Earth Day, eight ways to eat with the planet in mind

Celebrate our planet with your fork -- and spoon and knife and chopsticks!

Ask Umbra: Watts up with lightbulbs?

A reader wonders which type of lightbulb is greenest. Umbra sheds some light.

Coconuts, from nose to tail

Perennial Plate spent the day with a Sri Lankan family on their coconut plantation, where they showed all the humble coconut has to offer.