Changes on the horizon for California’s troubled Salton Sea?

New efforts to save the Salton Sea from ecological disaster are winding their way through the California state assembly.

This weird spinning monk seal will put you into a hypnotic trance

Gaze upon this 400-pound seal rotating slowly in the water, and you will soon come to know inner peace.

Watch volunteers plant 40 trees in 90 seconds

You've got a patch of parkland that needs new trees. You've got the tools to plant trees -- 40 of them. Ready … set … GO!

Skiers and snowboarders to Obama: Save our snow!

Professional winter athletes plead with the president to cut carbon pollution and reject Keystone XL. They say our white winters depend on it.

Panda three-way leads to big-time baby daddy drama

Pandas’ sex lives are way more dramatic than we ever accounted for.

This guy recycled an old piano into an awesome musical bike

A musician in San Francisco made a bike and a piano into a piano bike. Now he has a better job than you.

12-year-old’s letter halts forest-cutting construction project

If you want to build a housing project in Canada, don't let any literate, feisty 12-year-olds find out about it, or they'll stop you with a heartfelt letter.

Finally, a positive consequence of climate change: More penguins!

Sure, global warming sucks -- unless you're an Adélie penguin. Then it's the best!

Scratch-and-sniff this magazine to get a whiff of Mexico City

Swallow Magazine calls itself "the anti-foodie food magazine."