Socially and sexually deviant species of octopus shares room with preteen girl

They discovered a new kind of octopus. In the 70's. But we're just talking about it now because it's roomates with a 10-year-old girl.

A meat-lover's guide to going vegetarian

How now, happy cow? Why I deferred my reckoning with meat

Six weeks without meat left our provisional vegetarian still hungering for flesh, so she visited some farms and gave herself more time to think it over.


Pollution may be endangering otter penises

The average size of an otter's penis bone has decreased over time. We know what you're thinking: "Otters have BONES in their PENISES?"


Watch a man jump into freezing water to save a dog stranded on an ice floe

Would you leap into Siberian waters to save a stranded dog? This guy would.


Homemade dehydrated food lets you cook dinner just four times a year

It all makes sense when you think about it -- better ingredients, less salt, healthier food -- but it also gives us hardcore lifestyle blogger fatigue.


Ask Umbra: Are my toddler’s toys toxic?

A reader is hunting for a kid-friendly ball. Umbra bounces her a few ideas.

Business & Technology

For Open Data Day, green hacks and snacks

On Saturday, hackers the world over will team up to create sweet apps to improve cities and the environment.


Obviously you want to watch this dog feed a baby lamb from a bottle

If you don't really need to watch this after the week you've had, then just ... go away. Get out of here with your perfect life.


Artist teaches bugs to build awesome jeweled sculptures

Caddisfly larvae build themselves little houses out of whatever's around. So if you leave gold and jewels around, their property values shoot up.