Stacked recycling bins for small kitchens are so simple, yet so genius

It's a simple idea -- interlocking bins with openings for paper, plastic, and glass. But if you have a small kitchen, it's potentially life-changing.

Meet the woman who shut down Chicago’s dirty coal plants

Kimberly Wasserman wins the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for organizing her neighbors in Southwest Chicago to fight the power plants giving them asthma.

Soon enough farmers will just breed chicken with no bones

KFC is not optimistic about the future of chicken with bones in it.

This 3D map makes Tokyo’s subway system look like a crazy roller coaster ride

You needn't bring a barf bag, though. Although they're based in reality, those peaks and valleys don't exactly represent what it feels like to ride on the Tokyo subway.

It’s bike share season!

Like daffodils, ramps, and skirts, bike shares emerge in the spring, a sign that the long winter is over and summer is coming soon.

For the first time in history, a bear gets brain surgery

A bear at a sanctuary in Asia was the first ever to get brain surgery. Her prognosis is beary good.

Ask Umbra: How green is my Barbie? And other burning questions

Can I recycle broken glass? Clean my glasses without being a polluter? Responsibly rid myself of an old TV? Umbra, as always, has the answers.

A newbie vegan asks: Should you fake your steak?

Three weeks into her month-long experiment in veganism, Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, makes a foray into the world of faux meats.

Mess with beavers, pay the price

When Beavers Attack. That's all. That's enough.