Americans want more renewable energy and more climate-change prep

New polls show widespread support for ramping up clean energy and preparing for sea-level rise and harsher storms.

If you want to go faster on your bike, grow a mullet

It's the most aerodynamic hairstyle -- business in the front, EXTREME UNSTOPPABLE SPEED in the rear.

Whole Foods will grow rooftop greens in a Superfund site

While we might be a little leery of both Whole Foods and veggies grown in areas long contaminated with industrial toxins, we're willing to give these a try.

If we have to build parking garages, we might as well use them for yoga and weddings

This garage treats parking as a luxury. But parking is a luxury, which we're irrationally subsidizing.

Climate change is slowing down our marathon times

The problem: We don't run so well in the heat.

Science proves definitively that sea lions can headbang to music

A sea lion named Ronan is the first nonhuman mammal to have the proven ability to keep a beat.

Sandy refugees set to be booted from NYC hotels

Hundreds of families are poised to lose their temporary housing as New York City looks to wind down a hotel-placement program.

Enterprising thief saws off elephant tusk with a chainsaw

The elephant is one that belonged to Louis XIV, who was king of France until 1715.

Hyper-artisanal food website answers your burning questions about laudanum, hardtack, and butter churns

Are you wondering, "Should I dilute the laudanum before rubbing it on the gums of my caterwauling baby?" Food1852 has got you covered.