She's redefining green

Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Art by Nat Damm. Original photo by Anthony-Masterson. Severine von Tscharner Fleming Director and Founder, The Greenhorns Hudson Valley, N.Y. Severine von Tscharner Fleming, 28, is director of the forthcoming film The Greenhorns, about America’s young farmers, and founder of a group by the same name that recruits and supports “greenhorn” farmers. The group provides resources, puts on gatherings, hosts a wiki, maps new farms, blogs, tweets, podcasts, and more. “We have the advantage of youth. Brave muscles, a fierce passion, and probably pretty savvy marketing insights,” she says. “We have a country that needs us to step to the plate, swing that pick, and plant the future—now!” Read a Grist …

he's redefining green

Hai Vo

Art: Nat Damm Hai Vo Food Activist and Farmer Davis, Calif. Five years ago, as he was about to head off to college, Hai Vo weighed in at 250 pounds. But at the University of California–Irvine, he underwent a double transformation: By embracing healthful food, he lost more than 100 pounds, and in an effort to spread healthful food to everyone else, he became a food activist. He got involved in the national Real Food Challenge campaign and cofounded a Real Food Challenge project at UCI. He researched the university’s food-procurement system, drew more than 500 people from the campus and …

She's redefining green

Janine Yorio

Art: Nat Damm Janine Yorio Founder and Managing Director, NewSeed Advisors New York City, N.Y. Janine Yorio, 33, formerly a Wall Street investor, has turned her finance savvy to the food world. Her firm, NewSeed Advisors, founded in 2009, invests in and advises promising companies working to make agriculture more sustainable. NewSeed has hosted two Agriculture 2.0 investor conferences, in New York and Palo Alto, Calif., connecting venture capitalists with ag entrepreneurs — two groups that don’t usually mix and mingle. Read a Grist article about the 2010 Agriculture conference. Follow Yorio on Twitter.

Free is a magic number

Ask Umbra’s Earth Day book giveaway

Dearest readers, Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating? Perhaps by tweeting your little heart out about all the hopeful things going on in the environmental movement (don’t forget to add #hopen)? Well, since you’re on there anyway, why not participate in my little book giveaway? That’s right! Free stuff! Woot! I’m giving away two copies of this month’s Ask Umbra’s Book Club selection, Diet for a Hot Planet by Anna Lappé, and two copies of Talking Dirt: The Dirt Diva’s Down-to-Earth Guide to Organic Gardening by Annie Spiegelman. There are two ways you can enter for a chance to …

he's redefining green

Berlin Reed

Art: Nat DammBerlin Reed The Ethical Butcher Portland, Ore. Berlin Reed, 27, took an unlikely path through vegetarianism and even “militant” veganism before embracing his new profession whole hog — literally. He now styles himself The Ethical Butcher. He gets all of his meat from small, local farms and visits every one to meet the farmers and see first-hand how their animals are raised. He’s converting people to the cause of sustainable meat through what he calls The Bacon Gospel, curing bacon with flavors like watermelon-basil and horseradish-lemon-turmeric, as well as through the Heritage Breed Supper Club, where people not only …

the tragically hip

Hipster habits that annoy the Earth [SLIDESHOW]

Photo courtesy davefishernc via FlickrWe don’t mean to jump on the hipster (NSFW) hating bandwagon. We know the young and the hip eat healthier and ride bikes more often than their peers and yadda yadda yadda. But there’s nothing like getting even with the cool kids and catching them in un-green moments. (How cool do you think a bunch of future environmental journalists were in college?) And there are certain trends even the trendy should avoid.

One Giant Leap for Greenkind

40 people who are redefining green

Four decades after the first Earth Day, the circle of people working toward a cleaner, greener world has expanded way beyond treehugging hippies, red-paint-throwing protesters, posturing politicos, and card-carrying members of enviro groups. To mark this milestone, we’ve found 40 unexpected people who are altering the green landscape. Nat Damm Erika Allen Projects Manager, Growing Power Chicago, Ill. Erika Allen grew up on a farm in Rockville, Md., working in the fields with her father. “We didn’t have a TV and we relied on a wood stove, but we were known as the ‘food family’ because we had so much …

Go green this Earth Day: Quit smoking

Photo: lanier67 via FlickrWith the arrival of this year’s 40th anniversary of Earth Day, it is encouraging to see more and more people, young and old, buying into a meaningful environmental ethic in their personal lives despite daunting environmental challenges. By carrying reusable grocery bags, taking public transit and recycling, to name just a few examples, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the need to be environmentally responsible. If you’re a smoker, there’s another very important step that would be a “twofer” win for your health and for the natural world: Quit for good! Surprisingly, many of us don’t …

Community Carts Remove a Barrier to Walking.

When I was growing up in Seattle in the sixties, the neighborhood grocery where my mom shopped let her and other regular customers push purchases home in the store’s shopping carts. We lived two blocks away, and we returned the carts promptly to safeguard the privilege. It was sometimes my older siblings’ job to return the cart while the rest of us put away the provisions at home. Consequently, my family never owned a granny cart, but we never lacked for walking wheels either. That’s the point of community carts: to extend cart access without necessarily extending cart ownership. Unfortunately, …

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