These recyclable solar cells are made from trees

When they've outlived their usefulness, just plop the panels in water and the plant-based part will dissolve.

Screw Cadbury, make your own creamy chocolate Easter eggs

Mass-manufactured chocolate Easter eggs are terrible for the environment. Here's how to make them from scratch.

Strawberries should not be growing in the Arctic Circle, and yet here they are

Greenland is not farm country. But the climate here is changing fast enough that chefs and farmers are finding that they can grow produce they never dreamed of before.

Climate change is killing the corn cob pipe

Higher temperatures and drought are hurting the quality of corn cobs and causing trouble for the country's last corn cob pipe producer.

Do trees fight crime in Philadelphia?

More greenery is linked to lower crime rates, a new study finds.

Scientists: To save the lions, fence them in

While it's romantic and all to think about lions roaming free, the reality is that lions that are not roaming free -- that are living in fenced-in reserves -- are doing better than the ones who can wander wherever they …

What climate hawks can (and can’t) learn from public-health campaigns

The public health community has learned a lot about what motivates people to change behavior -- and what doesn't. Climate hawks, listen up.

This howling pack of wolves will make the hair stand up on your neck

The wolves at Indiana's Wolf Creek Habitat rescue program can't go back to the wild, so they just have to band together and hang out, making super spooky sounds.

Stunning time-lapse video shows four hours of aurora borealis in two minutes

This video makes the sky over Sweden look like the world's best executive desk toy.