How are you celebrating Darwin’s birthday? Here are our best ideas

It's Darwin Day! That's the day we celebrate Darwin's birthday, the survival of the fittest, and the fact that the planet's more than 6,000 years old.


‘Farmhouse porn’ will make you want to quit your job and raise cattle

There's not a Tumblr, yet. But there is a Pinterest board, brought to you by undercaffeinated editors at Modern Farmer.


Man, people really knew how to party with penguins in 1903

When people hung out with penguins in 1903, they did it with class. They did it with dignity. They did it with bagpipes.

A meat-lover's guide to going vegetarian

Pig, out: What’s it like to kill your hog and eat it, too?

Our provisional vegetarian considers whether raising pork humanely can make her feel better about eating it.


Here’s one more thing you can share: Kids

The sharing economy makes it easy for people to connect via technology to share cars, bikes, homes offices, tools, pets -- and now children.


It’s fast-food fish season — and no, it’s not sustainable

McDonald's, Wendy's, and Carl's Jr. are rushing to introduce fish products in time for the Christian holiday Lent.


Celebrities to Obama: Fix the climate! Obama to celebrities: Sure, you got it

The oldest tactic in the book will certainly work this time! With Ian Somerhalder and Malin Akerman on board, how could it not?


It’s raining spiders in Brazil

You can see it for yourself, if you can handle the creeping shivers that will run down your spine.


Seed savers: Vandana Shiva and female farmers stand up to Monsanto

Perennial Plate talks to Vandana Shiva about her seed-saving revolution and the future of farming in rural India.