Local schmocal: Why small-scale solutions won’t save the world

We like to think we do our part by buying local and riding our bikes. Not so, says author Greg Sharzer. We need a revolution!

These are the best-dressed animals we’ve ever seen

Have you ever looked at an animal and thought "it's cute, but I sure wish it were more of a sartorial role model"? Barcelona photographer Yago Partal has solved your problem.

Climate change will give more people diarrhea

A study of 30 years of data on diarrhea in Botswana found something pretty gross: As the climate changes, it's probably going to mean that more people contract diarrheal disease.

Australia had to kill a lot of cats to save these tiny marsupials

The government dispatched 3,000 of them over 16 days to keep them the hell away from endangered greater bilbies.

Baby sea lion found lounging in luxury at San Diego hotel

This baby sea lion appreciates the finer things in life. Like napping in a chair at a fancy hotel.

Community thrives along a nearly forgotten slice of an urban river

The North Branch of the Chicago River had nearly vanished from both sight and memory. Then the Riverbank Neighbors appeared.

You can tour a Fukushima ghost town on Google Street View

Now that its 21,000 residents have been evacuated, Namie-Machi is full of empty streets and ruined buildings, and you can see what that's like with your own eyes.

Walmart is ‘crowdsourcing’ by getting customers to make its deliveries

We have a different buzzword for this plan: "cheaping out."

What’s inside this squid? Oh my god, it’s a bomb!

A fisherman found a bomb in a squid. No. The squid is not OK.