Spiders all over the world like to snack on bats

We now have evidence that spiders eat bats all over the world except in places without spiders or bats. This is scary, and kind of wrong.

Beaver dams block Chevron oil spill in Utah

Thousands of gallons of diesel spilled into a river in Chevron's third pipeline spill in Utah in three years. Two oil-coated beavers were rescued.

Watch a 9-year-old activist speak out against corporate interests taking over his town’s water

Nestle wants to extract water from the aquifer in Fryeburg, Maine, for the next 45 years. Elementary-school activist Luke Sekera-Flanders is fighting back.

New York City’s subways will have giant touchscreen maps

Touch a station and the map will tell you how to get there! It's sort of like a giant Hopstop, except you can touch it.

It’s the first day of spring! Here comes the toxic green sludge

Predictions of heavy spring rains bode poorly for the health of Lake Erie, where agricultural runoff is expected to cause massive algae blooms.

Bears in Russia are getting high by huffing airplane fuel

Not to be a narc or anything, but animals get high a LOT. And these Russian bears have figured out how to get high off gasoline fumes.

Mini-mansions are all the rage

Both industrial designers and industrious teens alike are engineering tiny paragons of sustainable living. Behold some of our recent favorites.

Thanks for the oil, Iraq, here’s some cancer

Depleted uranium from U.S. munitions is suspected of causing a huge spike in birth defects and all kinds of cancers in Iraq.

Why in the world are so many manatees dying?

Manatees are dying off both Florida coasts, and by God we want the culprit brought to justice! (It's probably us.)