Climate changes for wine regions could mean hangovers for wildlife

Researchers predict a two-thirds fall in production in the world's top wine regions by 2050, which could push vineyards into critical wildlife areas.

Flying worst class: Air travel is about to get bumpier and barfier

Thanks to climate change, what remains of glamorous air travel will soon be soaked in vomit and spilled Diet Cokes.

Your internal organs have a sense of smell

New research indicates that organs that we usually don't think of as having anything to do with smelling have the same olfactory receptors as cells in found in noses.

The next popemobile could be powered by bike

This is a serious vehicle. It has a bulletproof booth for the pope, with air conditioning powered by rooftop solar panels.

London’s going to power 40,000 homes with used kitchen grease

You know how you're not supposed to pour oil and bacon fat down the drain? Before that oil and fat gets discarded, the city's going to collect it and use it to run "the world's biggest fat-fuelled power station."

Baby pig in a sweater and socks is the world’s cutest knitwear model

There is no reason for this snoozing baby pig wearing socks and a sweater. No reason except COME ON, BABY PIG WEARING SOCKS AND A SWEATER.

Ask Umbra: Which newfangled eco car is better?

A reader wonders whether he should buy a hybrid or a PZEV. Umbra says why choose just one when you can have both?

Scientists can 3D print lifelike tissue using only oil and water

You need only a few simple ingredients to make something amazing.

Paris will harvest energy from its marathon runners

On Sunday, 40,000 runners will expend A LOT of energy running all 26 miles of the Paris marathon. But for approximately 0.06 percent of the course, not all of that energy will go to waste.