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Annie Leonard’s ‘The Story of Cosmetics’ and new legislation for toxic chemicals [VIDEO]

According to Annie Leonard, your “bathroom is a minefield of toxics.” Check out her new video The Story of Cosmetics.

Good vibrations

Harvesting personal energy to create Ohio’s clean energy future

When it comes to renewable energy, we hear plenty about the latest developments in solar and wind. But what about the latest developments in kinetic energy?

Can the Senate do anything at all?

Home Star teeters on the edge

Remember Home Star, the killer bill that would incentivize thousands of home energy retrofits across the country, reduce energy bills for struggling homeowners, put some of America’s hardest hit trades back to work, and reduce …

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How to make energy programs work better (for free!)

I’ve written before (more than once) that energy reformers should pay more attention to behavior. Instead there is an almost universal obsession with technology and economic cost, narrowly construed. If you think of people as …

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The debut of My Intentional Life: Somewhat true stories of attempted sustainability

Welcome to My Intentional Life, Grist’s first original comic strip. In this debut episode, you’ll meet Gabriel Willow, and his pals Josh, Hunny, and Tracie, real-life roommates who are trying to live a more sustainable life …

Dropping the bomb

Is the population bomb ever going to explode? [AUDIO]

Environmentalists and human-rights advocates regularly point to a growing world population as a potential source of strife. But one environmental journalist doesn’t agree. Fred Pearce, author of The Coming Population Crash, argues that fears of …

Lexicon artist

Ask Umbra asks readers for an accurate name for the oil spill

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, I think we should stop calling it a spill. A spill is something that you can pick up with a mop and paper towels. Calling this catastrophe …

The GINK Chronicles

Want to join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement?

Art: Nina PaleyLes U. Knight (get it?) is the face and the force behind the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT, pronounced vehement).  Motto: “May we live long and die out.” It might sound like a …


UPDATED: McDonald’s new ad campaign: Is it localwashing or not?

[See UPDATE below.] McDonald’s has a new localwashing campaign playing out on billboards in Seattle.  This one targets the Ballard neighborhood … Photos: Gilman Park … and comes with an amusing disclaimer: “Participation and duration …