Driving us gaga

BP’s bad romance with the Gulf [VIDEO]

If Obama were Lady Gaga and BP were … a sketchy love interest, then the Prez would be singing all about their bad romance: Via Derek Markham. ——————————————————————————————————————————————– Like what you see? Sign up to …

Beyond Petroleum -- For Real

How we can end our addiction to oil

It’s time we moved on to something else, or this is going to kill us. Not only are world oil supplies running out, but what oil is still left is proving very dirty to obtain. …

The GINK Chronicles

‘Sex and the City 2′ is the greenest movie of the year

Forget earnest documentaries about corporatized food and natural-gas fracking and climate refugees.  The greenest movie of 2010 chronicles the latest exploits of none other than Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, even though she’s a clotheshorse who once …

revenge is sweet (crude)

Black BP out of the web like BP blacked out the Gulf of Mexico

If you’re feeling outraged but impotent about the effect of the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico, the internet (or some paint and an ad poster) can offer a little catharsis. Web developer jess3 …

Oil Vey!

Ask Umbra on 8 things you can do to fight the Gulf oil spill

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, This oil spill has really gotten me down. Countless millions of gallons flowing into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and no end in sight. The leak just …

We'll spell it out for you

Louisiana residents paint mural for Obama and BP

Image of the day: Residents near Grand Isle, La. painted this mural for President Obama’s visit last week. Courtesy Mother Jones reporter Mac McLelland, who’s reporting up a storm from the Gulf.  

The GINK Chronicles

Why is India the poster child for the population problem?

A market street in Chennai, India.Photo: mckaysavage via FlickrJulia Whitty has written a smart, nuanced cover story on population for Mother Jones.  She addresses the important issues, she connects the dots, she knows her stuff. …

Egger’s Head: The oil spill

There’s a lot going on in Robert Egger’s head. Just ask him. Which is exactly what we do on a regular basis. And who is this Robert Egger, you wonder? He is the Founder of …

Rinse. Spit. And have more mercury with your fish.

Mercury pollution from dental offices is contaminating your seafood

It seems innocent enough. Your dentist is giving you a new filling. You get some of those little metal slivers in your mouth and he tells you take a swig of water. Rinse and spit. …

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