Kidnapped Ethiopian girl rescued by caring, protective lions

A 12-year-old girl kidnapped in Ethiopia was found several days after her abduction, safe under the watchful eyes of three lions.

Here’s how to make an omelette without breaking eggs

Well, OK, not quite. But this is as close as you're going to get.

Raise $500 in donations, and you can race a canoe through water filled with mercury and gonorrhea

Get out your regatta flags and your best boating cap -- this June 15, the Gowanus Dredgers will take on the Red Hook Boaters in the first Gowanus Challenge.

We’ve got white roofs, so how about pastel pavement?

Out in California, Lawrence Berkeley Lab has a little showcase going on that demonstrates this simple idea.

Other countries can’t get enough of U.S. sperm

We're over here trying to reduce population growth, and meanwhile the whole world is importing American sperm.

Mainstream green is still too white

In Obama's first term, big environmental groups poured resources into congressional lobbying and corporate connections rather than environmental justice.

Americans want more renewable energy and more climate-change prep

New polls show widespread support for ramping up clean energy and preparing for sea-level rise and harsher storms.

If you want to go faster on your bike, grow a mullet

It's the most aerodynamic hairstyle -- business in the front, EXTREME UNSTOPPABLE SPEED in the rear.

Whole Foods will grow rooftop greens in a Superfund site

While we might be a little leery of both Whole Foods and veggies grown in areas long contaminated with industrial toxins, we're willing to give these a try.