This guy built an authentic passenger rail car in his basement

To make this subterranean transit-geek wonderland, self-described "train-obsessed nutcase" Jason Shron went in with a friend on a decades-old train car that was slated to be scrapped.

Ask Umbra: On holey jeans, holey socks, and dyeing clothes

Readers ask about that holiest of all topics: their clothes. Umbra sends some smoke signals up the Grist chimney.

Hundreds of sea lion pups are mysteriously washing ashore in California

What the hell is going on? Why are so many dehydrated and malnourished baby sea lions washing ashore? And do they need us to take some of them home?

This teen is suing the state of Alaska because climate change threatens his home

Eighteen-year-old Nelson Kanuk's yard is disappearing. Eight feet last spring. Five feet last summer.

The government is engineering cyborg spy animals (really)

Science writer Emily Anthes has a new book out that covers all the ways we're tinkering with animals and turning them into cyborgs, ready to obey our every whim.

Shark dies in L.A. pool while filming a commercial, miraculously has no cocaine in system

A shark meant for a Kmart commercial died in an above-ground pool in Van Nuys, in Los Angeles. Not a dignified way to go.

Living la vida vegan: My month of saying good-bye to delicious animals

Grist’s green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, has given up all things animal for a whole month. Why? She’s curious. Also a little nuts.

Weird worm that looks like a penis may be an evolutionary missing link

It's not a fossilized dong; it's a significant paleontological discovery. That happens to LOOK like a fossilized dong.

Extreme weather and GMO crops devastate monarch butterfly migration

The monarch butterfly migration to Mexico dropped by 59 percent in two years.