Inspire state of mind

Plastic bag rap urges people to jump on the ban-wagon [VIDEO]

Plastic, it's the "fossil product all your crap's made of," and its ubiquity is the motivation for this Jay-Z parody aimed at giving plastic bags a bad rap. Watch the video and let us know if you like the way they work it.

On the ground in Ethiopia

The population challenge up close and personal

Ethiopia has one of the world's highest fertility rates -- 5.4 births per woman -- but also a pioneering program that's spreading family planning.

Y can't hotels read

Rejecting free savings out of sheer dumbness: common!

A famous social science experiment shows how hotels could save 20% of their laundry costs for free. Apparently they haven't bothered to read it.

the moguls' mogul

Live chat with Protect Our Winters Executive Director Chris Steinkamp

Thanks to all who joined us for our live chat with Protect Our Winters Executive Director Chris Steinkamp today. We covered the hot topic of serving as snow protectors of the winter sports community in the face of a hotter planet and a mountain of others. Read the discussion here.

happy meat

Looking at meat drives men into a fit of calmness, happiness

Canadian researchers recently steaked the claim that the sight of a big, juicy burger and other well-done meats soothes the savage and beastly instincts in men. But can vegetarians remain calm?

Are phone books a right?

Yellow Page publishers sue Seattle

As promised, Yellow Page publishers have sued to overturn a law in Seattle that lets people opt out of receiving paper phone books.

Heck No, We Won’t Snow!

Live chats with Protect Our Winters’ Chris Steinkamp and the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune

We'll be chatting live with Chris Steinkamp, executive director of Protect Our Winters. And next Tuesday, the Sierra Club's Michael Brune will chew the chat fat with David Roberts.

Miss behavin'

Changing behavior: it ain't easy

To address climate change, we need to change behavior, but appeals to the rational mind aren't enough. So what works? Here's a glimpse.

Greening your Hajj

Bicycling to Mecca

"You get an opportunity that traveling by plane or car you don't get. And you learn much more, you discover much more about yourself. It was an existential experience."