Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Got any good green jokes?

A reader wonders if there are any funny environmental one-liners. Umbra yuks it up.


Kicked to the curb: What my kid (and YouTube) taught me about garbage

Next time you're looking for idle entertainment, check out the garbage truck meme on YouTube. You'll be truly amazed at what Americans throw away.

Critical List: ‘Super fracking’; pollution threatens Lake Titicaca

Natural gas companies are looking into "super fracking," which uses larger, deeper cracks and draws power from our planet’s yellow sun. West Virginians, Pennsylvanians, and Ohioans are all hoping that Shell will choose to build …


Adventures of a first-time dumpster diver

Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, tries dumpster diving and discovers that urban food scavenging is a lot tougher than it looks.

‘Passive House’ documentary is the last word on zero-energy buildings

Passive Houses are homes so well insulated that they require no heating at all, even in winter. They're super popular in Europe, because it’s a magical land where everything is made out of chocolate and any sexual …

The sharing economy doesn’t always work: Luxury car theft edition

Peer to peer sharing of everything from apartments to cars is taking off, except when it comes to luxury cars, because they are valuable and people will steal them.

This electrical socket spits out your power-sucking plugs

The PumPing Tap does not like wasted power. It's an electrical socket with a spring-loaded ejector seat, which pops plugs right out if they're slowly sucking energy when not in active use. The idea is …


Heart to hearth: Darfur Stoves Project’s Andree Sosler makes survival sustainable

From her Berkeley office, Andree Sosler distributes cheap, clean, efficient cooking stoves to women in the Darfur region of Sudan.


Water cyclists: An epic ride to raise awareness of a scarce resource

A year and a half ago, two Dutchmen set out by bike to spread the word about the global water crisis. Fourteen thousand miles later, they say the real work still lies ahead -- but …