The prize in this ‘lobster claw’ machine is an actual live lobster

Usually when you play with your food before you eat it, it is already dead and cooked.

The new SimCity: Green urbanist dream, gamer nightmare

Launched last week, the new game has been plagued by technical problems and claims that it has a secret green agenda.

Eensy-beensy baby octopus is a teeny wee octopus-head, yes it is

This is by far the most adorable thing that also kind of looks like the results of picking your nose that we've ever seen.

Chinese forests now just chopstick factories in waiting

The country produces 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks each year, and that's taking a toll on China's forests.

Tree that survived a tsunami has been made into a monument

If a tree could have balls of steel, this one would -- but instead it now has a spine of carbon and plastic leaves and branches.

Tired of disposable clothing? This sweatshirt has a 10-year warranty

If it rips or tears or otherwise starts to break down -- they'll fix it for you. Because they think that "not everything should be disposable."

Gun-toting killer dolphins are now running loose in the Black Sea

Remember how the Ukrainian Navy was supposedly strapping knives and guns to dolphins and turning them into highly skilled dolphin assassins? Well, some of those guys seem to have gotten loose.

Commemorate this senseless traffic death with delicious cookies

Katie Fisher was 24 when she died in a car accident. That, on its own, is a sad story, but it got worse.

Watch an alligator learn to use his prosthetic tail

Mr. Stubbs' rubber tail has the potential to quadruple his projected lifespan.