Pick of the litter

Ask Umbra on sustainable choices for cat litter

Are you thinking inside your cat's box? Ask Umbra herds kitties towards a greener way of pooping. If you have a friend with whiskers, you'll want to read this.

The GINK videos

What would the world look like without people? [VIDEO]

In honor of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, here are two videos showing what would happen if we humans suddenly up and disappeared.

Heated exchange

Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 7: Cooking with the ones you love

A former latch-key-kid-turned-takeout eater discusses harmony and chaos in the kitchen.

A response to a response to a response ...

Let's move beyond the “population vs. consumption” debate

Can't we please give all women in the world the information and family-planning services they need to prevent unwanted and unintended pregnancies?

crash talking

L.A. mayor climbs on bike, gets hit by taxi, gets hit by bike-bloggers

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa climbed on a bike for the first time in years last Saturday for a ride to the beach. Within 30 minutes a taxi driver pulled out in front of him on Venice Boulevard, knocking the mayor to the pavement.

Trash-ure Island

Recycled Island: De-junk the ocean with this trashy idea

Land ho! Or is it? WHIM architecture has a new proposal that's anything but garbage: They want to create a habitable, floating island in the Pacific made from the mounds of plastic waste already swirling around the Pacific Ocean's currents.

A river runs, and gets diverted, through it

Running dry on the Colorado [EXCERPT]

Author Jonathan Waterman followed the Colorado River from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park to where it trickles away in the Mexican desert. Here is the first of two excerpts from his book, Running Dry.

Turnip the heat!

Cook outside your comfort zone in honor of National Farmers Market Week

I'm in a rut with my farmers market routine. I know what I like to buy, who I like to buy it from, and I head straight for those stands. So this year, I'm going to celebrate National Farmers Market Week by picking up whatever looks weirdest or most unfamiliar to me, and figuring out how to cook it.

cycling through partners

Find someone to ride (or just ride with) using Bike Pool

Cycling by yourself through the streets of your city can be risky, not to mention lonely. But Bike Pool is out there to help you find a bicycling friend. Maybe even the kind with benefits. Watch their video for yourself.

Got 2.7 seconds?

We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.