Baby animals are now learning to surf, because they know something we don’t

There is literally no explanation for this that doesn't involve some kind of instinctual understanding of impending sea-level rise.

Artists make beautiful sea creatures out of ocean trash

Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez's photographs look like jellyfish, kelp, and anemones, but they're actually just piles of debris.

Those lucky jerks in London are getting a frickin’ bicycle highway

Mayor Boris Johnson has announced that the city will be spending a whopping $1.51 billion on better bike infrastructure.

Hero mouse attacks snake to save his friend

A feeder mouse in a Chinese zoo jumped on a snake's head and bit it as it ate another mouse. Would you have done the same, if you were a mouse?

This middle schooler is building her very own tiny house

As part of the build, she's learning about physics, math, design, and engineering. But she's also figuring out what she really needs to live a happy, sustainable life.

This tiger made friends with the goat that was supposed to be his dinner

Hey, we all liked to play with our food at one point in our lives.

Weird, perplexing bacteria discovered in buried Antarctic lake

A mysterious new microbe has been found in Antarctica's Lake Vostok. It is less than 86 percent like anything we've ever seen before.

Ask Umbra: Is there hope in this world?

A reader writes from the edge of despair. Umbra urges her not to jump.

Smash patriarchy, save the planet

Fighting climate change also means fighting for women's safety and equality.