This super-green coworking space was once a working heliport

Excuse us, we need to pack our bags and move to Mexico City so we can start working here.

After losing a finger, this guy made a new one out of bike parts

Colin Macduff lost a finger in an accident in 2010 and, in the haze of medication, he had a vision of how he'd make up for it: He'd make a prosthetic finger out of bicycle parts.

All the giant squid in the world are related to each other

All the giant squid in the world are part of one big extended family! They're going to have a big squid party.

Lose the girdle: Sustainable ‘Mad Men’ fashion for plus-sized awesome

Anslee Connell is one of the few full-figured designers making her fare out of recycled fabrics. And she hopes her work will empower women to feel good and do something awesome.

Salt, sugar, and fat: Why we can’t quit junk food’s holy trinity

Michael Moss, author of "Salt Sugar Fat," talks to Grist about how these three ingredients make processed food so addictive -- for both consumers and companies.

Spiders all over the world like to snack on bats

We now have evidence that spiders eat bats all over the world except in places without spiders or bats. This is scary, and kind of wrong.

Beaver dams block Chevron oil spill in Utah

Thousands of gallons of diesel spilled into a river in Chevron's third pipeline spill in Utah in three years. Two oil-coated beavers were rescued.

Watch a 9-year-old activist speak out against corporate interests taking over his town’s water

Nestle wants to extract water from the aquifer in Fryeburg, Maine, for the next 45 years. Elementary-school activist Luke Sekera-Flanders is fighting back.

New York City’s subways will have giant touchscreen maps

Touch a station and the map will tell you how to get there! It's sort of like a giant Hopstop, except you can touch it.