Set the Alarm Clock: Don’t Sleep Through the Green Revolution

Originally posted on The Great Energy Challenge “There is nothing more tragic than to sleep through a revolution.” The revolution Dr. King spoke of in …

Pop culture

8 things you can do about population

Things anyone can do to lessen population pressure: improve sex ed in local schools, support abortion rights, & don't push others to have kids.

The brain curdles

Care for some human cheese?

If you said "Ew, no thanks!" you're not alone. But why do we consume milk meant for other baby animals but wrinkle our nose at our own?

Growing bolder

The (not so) New Agtivist: Joan Gussow, mother of the sustainable food movement

For more than 30 years, Joan Gussow has been writing, teaching, and speaking about our unsustainable food system and how to fix it. Here she tells how growing her own food and reducing her consumption have given her freedom from despair in the face of climate change and other calamities.


Organic cigarettes on the rise, still bad for you

A small but growing number of tobacco farmers are going organic, giving smokers everywhere a potential out from New Year’s resolutions.

too cool to get warm

Bored with winter energy-saving tips? We've got some tips for you

Tips for saving energy and money on home heating using passive heating, wood stoves, and innovative architecture.

Radio daze

I talk population and 7 billion on Green Patriot Radio

This week I got the chance to talk about my recent post "2011: The year we’ll hit 7 billion" on Green Patriot Radio with host David Steinman.


Join a sewing club to save clothes from the landfill

Hit up a sewing club to stitch, socialize, and mend your tattered duds. It's for the earth!

Dough é me

Making bread with Rustica Bakery — then bread pudding [VIDEO]

When it comes to choosing subject matter for my show, my reasoning varies: Sometimes I think about what the audience might want to see; oftentimes it has to do with what's in season. This week it was purely selfish: I wanted to get inside my favorite bakery.