March is ‘Get Small’ month at Grist

Do massive, planetary-scale dilemmas look different at eye height? In March, we intend to find out, as we seek micro solutions to macro problems.

Curtain kale: Farmers get jiggy with it to support local CSAs

What’s the matter, farmer? Down on your luck? Pick up a pitchfork -- or better yet, put on some knee socks and roller skates -- and do some interpretive dance.

Schools across the U.S. will soon start teaching real climate science

Thanks to new science education standards, most of America's students will learn about climate change during science class.

Superstorm Sandy aid dollars go to rebuilding in flood-prone areas

The vast majority of federal loans to rebuild in New York City and New Jersey post-Sandy are going to properties in flood zones.

Trippy-looking thermal photos show penguins are even colder than the surrounding air

Thermal imaging shows that penguins' feathers are even colder than the sub-zero air they live in. It also makes them look super '80s radical.

Pet-loving architects in the Dominican Republic build a beautiful animal shelter out of recycled materials

Animal lovers in the Dominican Republic have banded together to create a beautiful recycled shelter for some abandoned dogs and cats.

You don’t need nature, you just need the smell of it

An immunologist in Japan named Qing Li has been working for years to show that you can get a bunch of the benefits of nature without actually going there.

Two guys in London opened a coffee shop in a men’s bathroom

They did have to scrub the place down a bit.

The best tiny house ever can be yours for $1,200

The Gypsy Junker needs to go.