UPDATED: McDonald’s new ad campaign: Is it localwashing or not?

[See UPDATE below.] McDonald’s has a new localwashing campaign playing out on billboards in Seattle.  This one targets the Ballard neighborhood … Photos: Gilman Park … and comes with an amusing disclaimer: “Participation and duration …

drinking problems

Six drinks to avoid slipping down your gullet [SLIDESHOW]

Here at Grist we like to think we’re looking out for you guys, so before you stock up on refreshing sippables for your summer potlucks here’s a small checklist of beverage bandits looking to pee …

We Won't Accept More Poison For Less Carbon

Written by Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All, and Ben Jealous, President of NAACP As Senators enter the final rounds of negotiations on the climate and energy bill, big utility companies apparently are making …


Crawfisher Drew Landry sings the ‘BP Blues’ to president’s Gulf spill commission

Testimony at commission hearings doesn’t usually go viral, but Drew Landry changed that this week when he serenaded President Obama’s oil-spill commission.    Landry, a 37-year-old Lafayette, La., native, is an out-of-work crawfisher. He wants to …

the man your man would perform like

Dear Old Spice Man, will using your product make me, um, less manly?

Dear Old Spice Man, I see you a lot on TV lately, running around with your shirt off telling me that I won’t be a man if I don’t use Old Spice Body Wash. I …

The not-so-Grand Calumet

How a river went from diversity to dumpsite

A sign near the Cal Sag channel, part of the Calumet River System, warns against “any human body contact.”Photo courtesy Tom Gill via FlickrThe Grand Calumet River is about 13 miles long and flows through …

an idea that cells

Would you wear a garment brewed by bacteria?

Left: A tasty vat of bacteria turning tea into trendy textile. Right: The trendy result, a “Veggie” faux leather jacket for when you’re riding your Suzanne Lee is out to infect the fashion world …

Waiter, there's a rapidly declining fish species in my soup!

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Isn’t the ocean an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Dearest readers, What did you think of Sylvia Earle’s The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One? I must say, it left me awed and inspired. They don’t call Earle “‘Her …

swearing off oil

Cleaning up Gulf oil, one f-bomb at a time

Two guys are “mad as f–k” about all the sh*t Big Oil has undammed in the Gulf of Mexico, and they’re hoping the rest of the internet is too. Nate Guidas and Luke Montgomery are …

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