Ask Umbra: Is it OK to eat kangaroo?

A reader wonders if she’ll roo the day she became a kangatarian. Umbra says it’s best not to jump to conclusions.

Business & Technology

Office space: Why work alone when you can cowork together?

A young freelancer gives up writing in her pajamas to work in a shared office with a bunch of strangers.


‘The East’: A stupid eco-activist fantasy film only the FBI could love

To study activism, the filmmakers didn't go to protests -- they foraged weeds from dumpsters.


When trees die, so do we

In areas where trees are being killed by beetles, more people are dying from cardiovascular and respiratory disease, according to new research.


Manhattan micro apartments will come at a high price

New York is moving ahead with its first micro apartment building. But the majority of the units will rent for a premium. Is that what the city needs?

Climate & Energy

Baseball person Derek Jeter to world leaders: Climate change is a thing

Now we're getting somewhere!

Climate & Energy

How to respond to people who say the cold weather disproves global warming

But you really shouldn't bother.


A be-nice, don’t-hog-the-road guide for cyclists

Transportation Alternatives has a new guide on how to bike within the law, and with courtesy and compassion.

Climate & Energy

140 nations — including the U.S. — agree on treaty to slash use of mercury

The U.N. agreement -- still to be signed -- would cut mercury in power production and common manufacturing processes.