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Ask Umbra on birth control, single-serve coffee, and sanitizing countertops

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, In light of Lisa Hymas’ current series on GINKing, can you fill us in on the most eco-friendly forms of birth control currently available? Keeping It Kid …

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Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Are you a possum?

Dearest readers, Thank you all so much for joining me this week as we got down and dirty with our first book club selection, Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and With …

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Wal-Mart stores are littered with wasteful products this month

This month, in honor of Earth Day, Wal-Mart is selling garbage next to the garbage already on the shelves. The only difference is that these new products have been reincarnated into useful items thanks to …

7 weird, yet helpful green tips from celebrities

From cooking recipes for gas-free beans to sipping on sustainably sourced biodiesel, find out which of your favorite celebrities are serving up (at times) more than a little weird, yet helpful tips to leading greener …

thank you for smoking?

Smokers to get their greenbutts in gear with compostable cigarettes We’re not sure how Sir Mix-a-lot would feel about these butts, but hipsters would probably be all over them. Although … if so-called “100% natural” cigarette filters do become a biodegradable, flower-seeding reality, will …

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The secret life of green roofs [SLIDESHOW]

The city of Portland, Ore., is aiming for 49 total acres of eco-roofs in the city by 2013 (the city’s paying up to $5 per square foot to any home or business that builds one). …

short-circuiting the runway

How to make recycling e-waste fashionable

Steven Rodrig, PCB Creations Don’t e-waste your money on a new pair of shoes when you could rock the look that screams “electronic fashionista” and “responsible recycler.” You’ll be breaking hearts — and circuits — …

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The real ‘Food Revolution’ starts with healthy Appalachian cornbread

Why can’t a revolution based on traditional Appalachian foodways be televised?Photo: April McGreger Having watched the first three episodes, I’ve been thinking a lot about Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” TV Show. Who can argue with …

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Egger’s Head: School lunches

Robert Egger has a lot going on in his head. Just ask him. As a nonprofit entrepreneur, a serial searcher for ordinary people doing extraordinary things, a deeply deep thoughts kind of guy, Egger gives …

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