A river runs, and gets diverted, through it

Running dry on the Colorado [EXCERPT]

Author Jonathan Waterman followed the Colorado River from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park to where it trickles away in the Mexican desert. Here is the first of two excerpts from his book, Running Dry.

Turnip the heat!

Cook outside your comfort zone in honor of National Farmers Market Week

I'm in a rut with my farmers market routine. I know what I like to buy, who I like to buy it from, and I head straight for those stands. So this year, I'm going to celebrate National Farmers Market Week by picking up whatever looks weirdest or most unfamiliar to me, and figuring out how to cook it.

cycling through partners

Find someone to ride (or just ride with) using Bike Pool

Cycling by yourself through the streets of your city can be risky, not to mention lonely. But Bike Pool is out there to help you find a bicycling friend. Maybe even the kind with benefits. Watch their video for yourself.

little people, big world

The Incredible Shrinking Man project wants to shrink your footprint–and you

People have a lot of ideas about how to reduce the effects of humans on the planet. But one group thinks the best way to shrink the human ecological footprint is literally to shrink humans' feet -- and the rest of us too. Meet The Incredible Shrinking Man project.

Care Spray

Annie Leonard’s ‘The Story of Cosmetics’ and new legislation for toxic chemicals [VIDEO]

According to Annie Leonard, your “bathroom is a minefield of toxics.” Check out her new video The Story of Cosmetics.

Good vibrations

Harvesting personal energy to create Ohio’s clean energy future

When it comes to renewable energy, we hear plenty about the latest developments in solar and wind. But what about the latest developments in kinetic energy?

Can the Senate do anything at all?

Home Star teeters on the edge

Remember Home Star, the killer bill that would incentivize thousands of home energy retrofits across the country, reduce energy bills for struggling homeowners, put some of America’s hardest hit trades back to work, and reduce …

Get people

How to make energy programs work better (for free!)

I’ve written before (more than once) that energy reformers should pay more attention to behavior. Instead there is an almost universal obsession with technology and economic cost, narrowly construed. If you think of people as …

a so-called comic strip

The debut of My Intentional Life: Somewhat true stories of attempted sustainability

Welcome to My Intentional Life, Grist’s first original comic strip. In this debut episode, you’ll meet Gabriel Willow, and his pals Josh, Hunny, and Tracie, real-life roommates who are trying to live a more sustainable life …

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