Watch rescuers save an injured bald eagle hit by a car on the highway

A real bald eagle was hit by a car. Please think good thoughts about him and remember he is actually an eagle, not an emblem.

We are learning mosquitoes are basically invincible

We share this news during the winter in order to prevent a panic.

There is such thing as a too-tiny house, and this is what it looks like

These photos come from the Society for Community Organization, a human rights organization, and they show apartments in Hong Kong. Though “apartment” might be overstating it.

Depressing video proves that seagulls are too dumb not to eat plastic bags

It's not their fault that we created something that their little seagull brains don't process properly.

Glow-in-the-dark shark will hit you with its light-up spines

Any predator comes close, it sees a flash of that spin and thinks twice about messing with this little guy.

Video of goats yelling like people gets funnier and funnier until you die

Goats sound like the soundtrack to a horror film. Who knew?

Gas prices are spiking, and it’s not clear why

One possible reason is the reduction of refinery capacity on the East Coast, which is pinching supply.

Lady piggybacking on a great white shark is living our dream, or possibly nightmare

Conservationist Ocean Ramsey is living every week like it's Hitch a Ride on a Shark Week.

Motor vehicle deaths rose 5 percent in 2012

The figures vary state by state. New York is pretty safe. North Dakota is not.