This bike-mounted grill makes us wish it was summer forever

Bike to the park, set up shop, and slap your food of choice on this thing.

This sloth wants to give you a flower and hold your hand

Sometimes all it takes to make your day is a small gesture of kindness -- a smile, a hug, a little present -- from a sloth.

The success of London’s congestion charge, in three maps

Big drops in car use, big increases in public transit. What's not to love?

Pittsburgh’s trees are worth $2.4 million

Even when you're not getting all mushy-gushy about green space and its value, trees aren't luxuries. They're investments.

With the Kickstand desk, you never have to leave your bike, even for work

If you love biking so much that the idea of getting off your bike to do work makes your stomach curl just a little bit, here is your solution.

Disappearing packaging could save 70 million tons of waste a year

Packaging, be gone. We have had enough of you. But more importantly, so has an intrepid grad student.

Rental jeans let you cover your butt without the commitment

Don't endure the torture of buying a pair of jeans and keeping them forever! Just lease them!

Watch a scared penguin get up the nerve to jump in the water

This penguin seems to have momentarily forgotten that he is a seabird. Hey penguin, what are you, CHICKEN?

Dried-up pee from small fuzzy creatures has a lot to offer climate scientists

Hyrax communities also tend to settle in at particular spots. So these pee records can go back millennia -- scientists found one spot where hyraxes have been peeing for 55,000 years.