Have $3,500 for a ritzy chicken coop?

A "luxury condominium for chickens" can be yours for only $3,500 ... making each dozen eggs cost you, uh, about $57.


Like Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, is ‘The Whale’ on the rocks?

Documentary 'The Whale' is supposed to be released in summer 2011, but will it meet the same fate as Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson's marriage?

In one year and out the other?

Ask Umbra: A vision for 2011 and New Year’s (re)solutions

The year of a spilled-oil atrocity, Russian spies, and a psychic octopus is at an end. So is the decade. Now what? Lose weight, make more money? How about this for a New Year’s resolution: to have a year full of solutions? Ask Umbra shares her solutions and asks to hear yours.

Gloria, I think you got their number

Gloria Steinem on population, sexual pleasure, and creating better fathers

Gloria Steinem says men need to be nurturing parents. "Men who raise children are much less likely to insist on having too many," she argues.

Take that, Jevons paradox!

Brother, can you spare a fridge?

Just in time for the holiday cooking marathon, my spare side-by-side refrigerator conked out. Here's why I won't be replacing it.

let's build an ark

What does the Bible have to say about climate change? [AUDIO]

There's an emerging environmental movement among faith-based communities in the U.S., but still considerable disagreement about climate change.

Not-so-hot chocolate

In a tasting of seven eco-cocoas, only one hits the mark

You're stressed, and it's cold out there. Time to relax over hot chocolate. Let's mull the available eco-cocoas, and pick out one sure to melt away holiday stress!

Iceberg Economies and Shadow Selves

Further adventures in the territories of hope

After the Macondo well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, it was easy enough (on your choice of screen) to see a flaming oil platform, the very sea itself set afire with huge plumes of black smoke rising, and the dark smear of what would become five million barrels of oil beginning to soak birds and beaches. Infinitely harder to see and less dramatic was the vast counterforce soon at work: the mobilizing of tens of thousands of volunteers.

Why take the 'Green Dragon' bait?

Evangelicals are greener than you think

Young evangelicals are increasingly inclined to care about climate change. Don't let the far right set up a false culture war.