Insulate, baby, insulate

Report: Energy efficiency can save oil, avoid dangerous drilling

Retrofitting houses to run on cleaner fuel and make them more energy efficient could save as much oil as would be spilled in two Deepwater Horizon disasters a month. So says a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Institute for Market Transformation.

drill it into their heads

Federal agency teaches schoolkids the fun of drilling the Gulf

I'm all for promoting interactive learning for children. But this classroom activity touting the fun of oil drilling -- from the agency formerly known as the Minerals Management Service -- is shorely off-target. Starting with this, er, suggestive image that goes with it.

Dude, where's your car?

For Hollywood, carlessness is ‘symbolic castration’

Why does the film industry have such contempt for the carless? Good question.

Bon voyage

Paris hopes to expand car-sharing, limit car-burning

Paris already has one of the largest bike-sharing programs in the world; now it wants to add a car-sharing program, with all electric cars.

slimeburger in paradise?

Ask Umbra on avoiding 'pink slime' in ground beef and flushing kitty litter

Ask Umbra tackles where to buy slime-free hamburger meat. She also revisits the flushability issue from last week's kitty litter column.

The GINK videos

The arrival of the stork isn't always a happy occasion [VIDEO]

An irreverent little video about population pressures -- "The Stork" by Nina Paley. Watch it here.

in waste deep

Photo contest winners: Waste on the water

Grist readers once again sent us photos of the watery wilderness close to their hearts and homes. This time around: polluted waterways. We all know water pollution is a serious problem -- this collection of five photos and video highlights the reasons why we should be wary of our wasteful habits. Take a dip with us -- if you dare.

the reason for the season

Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 8: What seasonal food can teach you

Eight weeks down, 21 more to go for this takeout eater turning into a local, seasonal CSA adventurer. One who was feeling distinctly yellow this week.

urban growth

Clip a garden onto your apartment with the ‘Plant Room’

If the earth's population is going to keep skyrocketing as fast as cities are popping up skyscrapers, I suppose we'll be needing mini-parks that attach to the sides of apartment buildings. Good thing these New Zealand design students are already way ahead of us.

Got 2.7 seconds?

We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.