Now with more rainbows!

Canned unicorn meat finally horns its way into the meat market

Remember the sloppy public relations job the National Pork Board did in response to canned unicorn, "the new white meat"? You can finally enjoy that sparkly unicorn taste you've been missing out on!

Don't be a turkey

Have a renegade Thanksgiving with sage-roasted chicken and pumpkin risotto

Calling all adventurous, rebellious cooks: Are you bored with Thanksgiving menus that are the same from year to year, and coast to coast? If you're brave enough to defy tradition and turn your local, seasonal ingredients into something for the tastebuds to be truly thankful for, we want to know. To inspire you, here are some renegade Thanksgiving thoughts and a nontraditional recipe.

the housing bubble's losing some weight

U.S. homes are right-sizing and greening

Are McMansions going the way of the Hummer? Not entirely, Kaid Benfield suspects, but he does think demand for them is dropping.

Modern Day Clark Kents

Ask Umbra event tonight with The Yes Men and No Impact Man in NYC

If you hearing a voice in your head saying, "Charge!" your inner superhero may be looking for an outlet.

The GINK videos

Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser won’t have kids for green reasons [VIDEO]

Actor Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell on "Mad Men," says he has made the "green choice" not to have children. Welcome to the GINK club!

Inspire state of mind

Plastic bag rap urges people to jump on the ban-wagon [VIDEO]

Plastic, it's the "fossil product all your crap's made of," and its ubiquity is the motivation for this Jay-Z parody aimed at giving plastic bags a bad rap. Watch the video and let us know if you like the way they work it.

On the ground in Ethiopia

The population challenge up close and personal

Ethiopia has one of the world's highest fertility rates -- 5.4 births per woman -- but also a pioneering program that's spreading family planning.

Y can't hotels read

Rejecting free savings out of sheer dumbness: common!

A famous social science experiment shows how hotels could save 20% of their laundry costs for free. Apparently they haven't bothered to read it.

the moguls' mogul

Live chat with Protect Our Winters Executive Director Chris Steinkamp

Thanks to all who joined us for our live chat with Protect Our Winters Executive Director Chris Steinkamp today. We covered the hot topic of serving as snow protectors of the winter sports community in the face of a hotter planet and a mountain of others. Read the discussion here.